Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beating the heat

The Rundown:
Max Studio wrap dress - 2008 - gift from my mom (similar here and here)
Enzo Angiolini peep-toes - 2007 - $70ish (similar here)
DIY necklace - 2010 - cheap (sort of similar here)

What worked:
I rarely wear this dress because it's really flimsy and I don't really wear prints all that often.  But breezy and flimsy is exactly what I needed today, when the thermometer hit 106 here in town.  This wrap dress (really, it's like a giant robe that wraps around) is great for showing off a waist I barely knew I had and I think the length--right below the knee--accentuates the calves so well. Why are most of my skirts above the knee? I don't know, but after today I'm on the lookout (err...will be on the lookout in March) for more right-below-the-knee skirts.

What didn't:
Even though I was nearly sweating in my apartment by 7:30 this morning, the office was still freezing. I would have added on a brown blazer to biz this up a bit and fight the chill.  And for some offices this look may be too casual altogether.

This necklace is something I picked up back in March, right after I started my shopping diet. Well, I picked up the pieces from a bead store. It's a big bone "bead" (there are holes at the top and bottom of the shape), and I looped a leather cord around it.  Tada! I also got extra leather cord in black and brown so I could switch it up. I can't remember how much it was, but it was really cheap for three necklaces (I got an extra bead to make a bracelet, but couldn't find it this morning).

On another fun note, I took the plunge and ordered the Moleskine weekly notebook today! I got it in black softcover, and the 18-month version so I can start using it right away and it will last me through December 2011.  It was $10.95 at Border's, plus a rebate through Ebates (not an Ebates member? Click here for a referral).

Do you go a little more casual for bad-weather (super-hot or super-cold) days? Does it fly in your office?


  1. I love this dress. I think the length of it is very classy and ladylike while the print keeps it modern and fun.

  2. i love wrap dresses! woot! :)

  3. This dress is totally something I would wear to wear - and at my work that would be very dressed up! I think it's a great dress, you should wear it more often! I'm sure you could layer it nicely for fall.

  4. Love the dress! It's so cute.

  5. Wrap dress really works for you! I like prints dresses more than single color dresses. Prints dresses are fun. Also, you are very creative to make that matching necklace. I love it!

  6. wow! this is the first time i ever left a comment on your blog. I tried several times before but I just couldn't. I realized that having a google account makes it easier. Your blog is a big inspiration for me. I am always amazed your thoughtful and insightful posts.

  7. Thanks, ladies. I do think more prints are in my future once this shopping diet is over.

    @ curls and pearls - I plan on trying to rework it again for fall or even as a skirt (rather than a dress)...we'll see how it goes!

  8. @ miss studios - Sorry it didn't work before! I know a few comments have been eaten by blogger (including my own!) and have reported the problem to Google, but still waiting to hear back. Glad it worked for you now. Welcome to blogging (I see you recently started yours)!

  9. Way to go for prints! I am also hesitant with prints, but this one looks great on you and isn't too loud. I can't believe it was 106 degrees...yikes! New York is finally settling below 90 degrees (hopefully!).

    - Meredith

  10. I think that print looks great on you. Add the print together with a wrap dress and you have a recipe for a great outfit!

  11. @meredith - thanks! yeah, we had great weather while everyone else was in a heat wave, and I guess now we're just trading off :)

    @noguiltfashion - Thanks! I do love how easy it is!

  12. Wrap dresses are always flattering!

  13. @ jeanna - aren't they? I think this calls for a Make Believe Monday on them :)


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