Sunday, August 1, 2010

Home stretch

So close! I know I said that last week. But yeah. I've gotten really sick of taking photos. I think the weekends are really ruining all the fun. So these are probably the last weekend photos you'll see.  I guess I am opposite of most people...I suffer getting dressed on weekends to make it to the weekdays, unlike a lot of people who make do during the week and really dress like themselves on weekends.  Did I mention that in elementary school I use to put on my mom's suit, grab my dad's briefcase and be a businesswoman for Halloween?  Yes, I'm weird.

Two more days left.  Monday I'm working from home (really have to crank through these last few magazine articles and sitting in an open cube next to two printers doesn't help at all) and then Tuesday I'll try to go out with a bang.  Wish me luck!

On a more interesting note...I did have some time this weekend to play around with the blog layout a bit...have a look around and enjoy! I still have to fix the navigation up top, but that's for another weekend (jealous of my weekends yet?).

Do you feel more like "you" in workweek wear or weekend garb?  What do you prefer?


  1. I think I feel equally like me in both. We all have days when we put on something that we just aren't thrilled with, but for me that is just as likely to happen when dressing for work as it is when dressing for the weekend.

    Hope you have a wonderful start to your work week tomorrow!

  2. When I am in classes I always wish I could wear my work clothes more often, when I am working my internship, I love getting dressed in the morning.
    I would say that work clothes make me feel more like me.

    I love the yellow blouse.

  3. I feel like you, somehow it's so much easier for me to get dressed for work than it is to get dressed for a casual Saturday. I struggle coming up with ideas for "going out" outfits on a Friday night. I don't know what the deal is!

  4. i wish i could think of great outfits as easily as you! but i also think you have better, more versatile pieces than i. why do i have so much grey, black, and white! lol. need more color! can't believe you're almost done, good job!

  5. @ Jeanna -- good point...I think the casual clothes I picked for the 30 just aren't really my norms. Usually I'm in bootcut or flared jeans (I don't care if they're "out"), and a plain tank or t-shirt, and flip flops. And I didn't include any of those!! argh.

    @ Alicia -- Thanks!

    @ Melissa -- I sooo struggle with going out outfits. Good thing I don't "go out" that much. :)

    @ t -- It's not as easy as it looks...usually there's a pile of discarded clothes on my bed each morning that I've tried and decided not to go with. I'd love to sift through your closet next time I'm down and see what we can come up with though (only if you're game).

  6. this might be doable!! :D i think part of the problem is i can't fit into half the clothes in my closet anymore. how depressing...esp since those are the cuter pieces.

  7. I enjoy workweek wear. I don't like my weekend wear. Weekends aren't even part of my 30 for 30. I realized they could have been if I just had jeans and 1 pair of sneakers though but Kendi wasn't doing weekends so I didn't even think to try.
    I love being dressed up. If I wore sandals I could probably wear skirts and such on the weekends but you can't really wear pumps on a weekend w/o getting comments from people that know you.

  8. @t - we'll figure it out.

    @ colleen - welcome to the blog! If I had thought of it before, I would have excluded weekends as well. I didn't even notice they were missing from Kendi's challenge until a few weeks in.

  9. Ooh, I love that yellow top! I'm so jealous of you Yankees and your easy access to Loft. Sigh.

    And the workwear vs. weekendwear thing can be a double-edged sword. I love how put-together I feel in some of my work outfits - a pencil skirt and tall shoes is a pretty fierce combo, one that might make me look overdressed on the weekends. But conversely, I feel like officewear can be limiting as hell - especially in the summertime, and as a frequent bike commuter. I'm always having to plan changes of clothes before work because I don't think it'd be a good idea to roll into the newsroom wearing shorts.

    nat //

  10. @ nat - I don't know where I'd be without Loft. Looks like you stocked up recently, though! That's really cool that you can bike to work (and that you do)!

  11. I feel more "me" at work only because I feel like I often don't have anywhere to go outside of work so I don't care as much what I wear. At work, I care every single day, so I feel like it's the height of my fashion-ness. lol

  12. @Sara - I feel the same way...I really don't do much outside of work, especially on weekdays, so it's like my little treat to dress up.


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