Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Teal + grey + black = major like

The Rundown
Banana Republic shirt - 2009 - $20 (similar)
Vintage belt - 2010 - $12 (similar)
Limited skirt - 2009 - $20 (similar here and here)
Target flats - 2010 - $17 (available here)
Anne Klein watch - 2009 - $55 (available here)
Grouse and Badger typewriter key ring - 2010 - $5 (available here)

What worked
I don't think I've worn a skirt without a belt in quite a while...and I don't really have a problem with that at all.  I really like the colors in this outfit (the teal and the gray), and I have to say it was super comfortable.

What didn't
While I don't dislike the nude flats with this outfit, I think a pair of killer heels would have really boosted it.  Also, it sort of looks too much like it was comfortable (very loose, maybe too loose?).  I think next time I'd also tweak it by adding a cardigan and then belting over it (I actually wore one open over this outfit all day -- it is freezing in our office! -- but it was way hot after I got out of work).  This outfit is also primed and ready for a statement necklace...I meant to add a regular one this morning but completely forgot.

Speaking of freezing, our office has been worse than normal lately. This is especially weird because our building claims to be Energy Star rated and they're currently pursuing LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.  Blasting the a/c in the summer so that your employees feel the need to turn on space heaters is definitely not energy efficient.  Letting your employees continue freezing in the winter by not turning on any heaters is sort of energy efficient.  Single-pane windows that let in the breeze (seriously) are not energy efficient.  Letting the handicap-accessible door openers to the bathrooms break and not fixing them for a month may save a tiny bit of electricity, but is so so so inconsiderate (seeing that there are two women who work full-time on my floor in wheelchairs).

What does your workplace to do be "green"?  Are they succeeding?


  1. I can totally related to your over-air conditioned office. My office also cranks up the AC to the point where my coworkers and I wish we had space heaters. Because they're banned by the building, we stick it out with cardigans and warm drinks (read: 5 cups of coffee a day!) but end up getting the sniffles anyway. To top it off, they have these "energy conserving sessions" where they'll ask us to turn off any extra lights or computers for a few hours in the afternoon, along with all the main lighting in the hallways, to conserve energy. So CRAZY backwards!

    On a happier note, and with regard to your outfit, those colors do look fantastic! May I recommend a platform Mary Jane (Forever 21 has some now for $26 in their "dressy" shoe category) and statement jewelry piece. If you're tired of statement necklaces, sometimes it's fun to pull your hair back in a bun or clip and sport some funky earrings.


  2. You look fantastic. I really love that teal, it's such a pretty color and it looks great on you.

    My office is also a little AC happy and I use a space heater every day (except for last week, when the AC was broken!).

    As far as going green...I work in one of the research departments and my boss is very, very, very adament that we MUST PRINT every single email and save it in our files. EVERY ONE. I try to wait until the email conversation is complete so that I can print out the last one with all of the replies, but then she wants to make sure if there is an attachment sent, that gets printed to show the attachment. It's so much paper and I feel horrible doing it, but I don't have a say in the matter. She's afraid that if the FDA comes in and we get audited, we need to have easy access to everything and what if the computers are down...oy. Sorry, this comment ended up being way too long!

  3. I love this outfit - I know you were saying you were feeling the flats, but I actually like this - I agree that a heel would look nice, but the flats really work here!

  4. Cute outfit! I wish I could wear those skirts, but I'm always too tall for them.
    I'm an intern at an NGO, and one of my tasks is to create a list of ways to 'green the office'. Mostly buying recycled stuff (Staples has a whole line of office products like scissors that are recycled!), and local. There is this great booklet by sustainableindustries.com that goes into green business practices.

  5. Looks great! A chunky necklace would look great with this outfit as well:) Ugh, when I was working at Tea Collection there was NO AC in 100 degree weather and I wanted to DIE! These people can never can get it right can they?!

    xoxo Maria

  6. I work in a research lab so our idea of going green is to properly dispose of waste so we don't put toxic chemicals in the environment. Completely different, and if my coworkers actually listened would be effective. I still regularly see them dump all sorts of things down the drain...

  7. @ lindsay - I love the platform Mary Jane idea! Will have to get me some of those. I'm always at a loss on what to do with my hair. Currently I'm in a routine: I wear my hair down when I've washed it that morning, and I wear it up on the off days. I need some more variation.

    @ Melissa - Printing emails is crazy! I keep my space heater on at work, too (even though it is supposedly forbidden).

    @ Ashley - Thanks! Some days my feet just need a break.

    @ At383 - That's great...I'll have to check it out. I try to be conscientious, but sometimes comfort wins out (selfish, I know). I think what frustrates me the most is that our building management is trying to come off as green without taking any green measures.

    @ Bachman's Sparrow - UGH! That sucks. I'll definitely take being cold and having to turn on heaters or bundle up versus being wayyy too hot. It's been a cool summer here though so I don't know why the a/c is even on (I've barely used it at home).

    @ Beth Ellen - Wow. That definitely gives new perspective to going green in the workplace. :)

    @ Elle - Really? Isn't it comfy?


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