Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Readers: you asked for more detail pics in the survey so here they are! It was just me and my camera today, but next time I'll try to get more detail shots of the outfit on me.

The Rundown:
Ann Taylor Outlet top - 2007 - $14 (similar here)
Vintage belt - 2010 - $12 (similar here)
Ann Taylor Loft skirt - 2010 - $13 (similar here)
Target shoes - 2010 - $6 (available here)
Ring (Claire's or the Icing) - (similar here)
Random ball chain necklaces - (similar here)

What worked:
I loved the colors of today's outfit...the bright orange and creams, and the light grays. It was expected to get to 99 degrees today, and although I never checked, I'd be surprised if it didn't actually reach that high. Tomorrow is supposed to be 103 degrees.  Eesh. These shoes are my latest find (remember, the diet doesn't include shoes, undergarments, and accessories)...they were only $6 on clearance at the store! They're still full price online, but maybe your Target has them on sale, too.  They're real suede, so it's definitely a bargain.

What didn't:
Looking back at the first photo, my top half looks like something is missing.  A larger necklace maybe? A watch? I wore a cardigan most of the day but my apartment was 83 degrees when I got home so I couldn't bear putting it back on for pics. So maybe it didn't look so bad during the day.

So I'm torn on these bangs. I just trimmed them a couple of millimeters on Friday and they're still in my eyes like crazy! I've been brushing them to the side, but will probably try another trim before I decide to grow them out completely.

Gals with bangs - how often do you trim your bangs? Gals without - how often do you do hair maintenance?


  1. ADORABLE shoes. I can't believe that you snagged them for $6! I might have to buy a pair...

    As for your bangs question, they can be quite the challenge. I usually do my own upkeep between hair stylist appointments. I actually cut off about 1/2 an inch this weekend. Sometimes I'm able to rope in a friend to help just to make sure that I don't cut them on a harsh angle. Good luck!

  2. You look great in that bright orange :) Love the shoes too...I can never find such good deals at Target.

    I like bangs but, like you've mentioned, they are a lot of maintenance. I have fairly short hair so have to cut it every 6-8 weeks.

  3. I think you look great with bangs! Really like this outfit too - I think you're right though - maybe just some accessories to make the outfit more pulled together?

    I have side swept bangs and my hair is curly so I have to straighten them to wear them down. I'm really bad, I usually only hit the salon 2 - 3 times a year. When my bangs get annoying they just get pinned up!

  4. I think a long necklace would be a lovely addition.

    I do have bangs and I usually trim them myself (badly, I might add, but I don't have the time/money to go get them trimmed every time I need to). Typically once a month or so. Right now they're in my eyes and annoying so I understand your plight!

  5. I have (right now) side-swept fringe, that I frequently get cut to be blunt and straight like yours. When they're blunt I really need to trim them every 4 or 5 weeks, and an overpriced salon I went to once does free fringe trim if you've gotten your hair cut with them, huzzah!
    However, when I'm lazy I just let them grow out and side-sweep 'em. Then I'm not so petrified to trim them myself (I was the kid that cut a doll's hair, but never did it evenly so it kept getting shorter and shorter until it was non-existent)
    Check around local salons for heavy discounted/free trims if you get a proper hair cut there.

  6. I trim my bangs every week or so, depending on my long I can stand them! Haircuts are fewer and far between for me (usually only once a year!!)

  7. What the heck I want those shoes for $6, too! haha. I have side swept bangs so I only get them cut when I go in every 6-8 weeks. But I love those bangs on you!

  8. I try to maintain the bangs with a quick trim about once a month. My policy is no more than 4-5 cuts before I put the scissors down and walk away for a day. It helps to reevaluate then I can always cut more if necessary.

    BTW: LOVE the bangs on you.

  9. I love the target shoes and I can't believe they were so cheap. The outfit is really cute I love the color you used. As for bangs, I always need mine shorter, I can't take it when I can see them!


  10. Love that vintage belt - looks like a great find!

    Rachael Krystina at latent/blatant

  11. i agree, a longer necklace would make more of a statement. i feel like creamsicles right now! :P

    i like this outfit, very summery, makes me feel cooler just looking at it. and those shoes are awesome! ESP for so cheap! very nice :) and i like the close up shots, good touch.

  12. @ cubiclechic - wow, 1/2 inch is a lot! I try to trim it only millimeters at a time. But maybe that's why they're always in my eyes. :P

    @ eek - Thanks! These are by far the cheapest shoes I've ever found at Target...it's such a crapshoot what they'll have on clearance at each store and whether they'll have your size.

    @ curls and pearls - 2-3 times a year is more than me! I've been once this year (in January) and don't have any plans to go back just cuz I'm not really a haircut person.

    @ Melissa - yeah, going in for professional trims is pretty out of the question for me too. I figure if I'm going to get pissed at someone for cutting my hair badly, at least I can handle my own annoyance with myself. I wouldn't want to subject a stylist to that.

    @ at383 - I've heard that if you have a salon they can do that, but I don't go to a stylist regularly enough...I went to one this year, and the last time before that was in 2007 (unless you count Great Clips).

    @ missvinylahoy - My self-trims are about weekly, too...good to know I'm not the only one that's constantly snipping!

    @ sara - thanks! i love side-swept bangs, but they never fall right for me. ::sigh::

    @ lisa - good rule! I wish I had that kind of self control. True story: a few weeks before my seventh grade school picture I cut my bangs (I cut my own hair from jr. high thru grad school), but they were too short. So what did I do? I cut them ALL THE WAY UP TO MY SCALP, brushed new hair over it, and cut those to my desired length. Growing out bi-level bangs is the hardest!

    @ sarah - I'm considering just going a bit shorter on the bangs...in the past I've kept them between eyelash and eyebrow, but maybe I should go up to just the eyebrow. I don't have much trouble seeing through them, but you can barely see my eyes in these pics!

    @ rachel - Thanks! It was...now i need to find similar ones in different colors before I wear this one out entirely (since it was already well-used before it was mine).

    @ t - Thanks, hon!

  13. Love the bangs! Since I cut my hair short, I probably should go in for a trim every month to keep things in order...but I'm kind of lazy.

    As for the outfit, I think it look fine the way it is...simple is nice.

  14. @ stylepint - thanks! I like your hair length and have been considering chopping mine to a similar length...maybe next year :)

  15. I need to get to Target and look for these shoes. What a great deal! That orange is such a great color on you.


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