Friday, August 13, 2010

Executive Summary | Links for your weekend | 08.13.10

So I didn't take any photos of my week (that's just a fact), but since this week was my anniversary and this is a fashion blog, here is a pic of my wedding dress. No, I was not running away from the wedding before it started...I was running away from the venue's planner who wanted to start the reception early after starting the ceremony late. I was wearing four-inch heels with a slight platform up front.

But I are a few of my favorite links from this week.
  • It's one thing to find the right item while shopping, but Sally Bjornsen, founder of The Great American Apparel Diet, shares her tips on taking care of your clothes once you have them.
  • You may not have control over your desk set-up at work, but if you have a home office (or a work office), check out UnPluggd's pros and cons of different desk layouts.
  • Think your coworkers are great? Reader's Digest has some tips on being a better coworker so you can show them who's awesomer (yes, I said awesomer).
  • What do food labels mean anyway? Well, not so much food, but chocolate (you know, the important stuff).  Serious Eats demystifies the chocolate label.
Some more eye candy and a tip for a budget wedding: check out your local grocery store bakery and see if the baker has experience with wedding cakes. The Albertson's near my venue had a baker with over 13 years of experience doing weddings, and we got our cake for a steal!  They used fresh fruit from the produce section, and three years later people are still raving about our cake.


  1. Hubs and I also did a grocery store cake! It was delicious, and we decorated it with fresh flowers. You were a gorgeous bride :)

  2. You look so gorgeous in your dress and I just love this photo of you!

    I also got my wedding cake from Albertsons. It was yummy!

  3. another subject idea: proper etiquette when you're working out of a home office...and its not your home. :P

  4. thanks ladies!

    @ t - Great any tips to share? :)

  5. lol, *sigh* no. it was me asking YOU for advice! hahah, major sigh.

  6. Well, I figure between your actual experience and my posturing, we could come up with something :) I've never worked in a home office before. Maybe we could also do a post on what employers that employ people in their homes should do (and we can email that link to your boss :P )

  7. Um, I think we had the same wedding dress. Or at the very least, extremely similar ones. Which means we both have amazing taste, right? :)

  8. lol! sigh. i want to dust/sanitize my workspace, but i think it's 1.) ridiculous that i'd have to bring my own supplies to do it and 2.) awkward and weird.

  9. @ Jeanna - Seriously? That's awesome :) Yes, we must definitely have great taste.

    @ t - I brought in my own antibacterial wipes to work to clean. People do think I'm a little crazy, but at least I'm not crazy and dirty. Maybe you can get away with a wet paper towel for now to clean?


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