Monday, August 2, 2010

Make Believe Monday | Short-sleeve crew-neck sweater

In a perfect world, weather would make sense.  It would hot in the summer, cold in the winter, and rainy in the spring.  Indoor temperatures would stay reasonable rather than freezing year-round.  And I would have a short-sleeve crew-neck sweater for days (not years) when it wasn't. 

Okay, so maybe most of that is too much to ask (especially since "reasonable indoor temp" for me in my apartment is about 80 poor husband), but a short-sleeve crew-neck sweater is an amazingly versatile piece for the office.  They come simple or adorned to reflect any personality, and are thick enough to guard from office chill, while still leaving your arms blissfully bare if you do get to venture out of the office.

Things to consider:
  • Fit is key for most every item of clothing, but sweaters in general tend to be clingy so pick a fabric and fit that isn't too tight and revealing.
  • Pay attention to the girls...with all knits, especially those with stretch, pay attention to whether the stretch of the sweater reveals more than you want it to.  When in doubt, stick a light cami underneath.
  • Layers expand the possibilities for this versatile piece.  Wear this under a blazer or cardi, or even over a long-sleeve blouse for preppy with a twist.
Short-sleeve sweaters can stand-in for just about any situation you would use a long-sleeve sweater in.  Wear it with tailored cropped pants for a supremely summer look, an A-line skirt for a girly kick, or a pencil skirt for a more traditional office look.

This sweet pleated number is simple without being boring.  Love the way it's styled here, but would also love to see it with an A-line skirt.

This tonal animal print would be sassy peeking out under a skirt suit for summer.

This argyle number is preppy enough to carry you (or me, at least) from workweek to weekend.

And this number is light and bright, while the cap-sleeves maintain enough modesty for the office (I'd recommend a longer hemline than the model wears here, though).

Do you wear short-sleeve sweaters? What are your favorite ways to style them?


  1. I am wearing one today with a pencil skirt; effortless and look completely put together for the office. My sweater is lime green v-neck with little puff sleeves, and the pencil skirt is black with some horizontal foldover-type things at the bottom. It was so easy to throw on, and I've already gotten several compliments. Can't beat it for a Monday!

    I have also worn this sweater with probably just about every pair of work pants I own; it goes great with black, gray, khaki, or brown. It also looks good with a lot of styles of skirts.

    I love that leopard print one and the cute pleating on the Loft one. Nice picks!

  2. That first top is so simply pretty. I love little details like that - it's still a "basic" top in that it is endlessly mixable and matchable, but the pleats make it much more special than a normal basic.

  3. Love the sweaters! I tagged you on my blog today! If you want to you can play along! Pocket of Presh

  4. Hi Angeline, thanks for the vote of confidence. How difficult is the challenge. Have you cried yet?
    I though the title of your blog sounded familiar. I've been here before. I like the sweater from Loft.

  5. I LOVE short-sleeved sweaters for work. Growing up, I received some good-humored criticism from my dad when I would wear them ("Are you hot or are you cold?...Your top is confusing me."). However, I've found they are absolutely perfect for an office environment, especially because the slightly weightier fabric can help keeps things appropriate. The ones you picked are great!

  6. Thanks, ladies...I'm surprised (and bummed) I don't already own one or more of these. But hey, next March will come soon enough, right? Right?!?

    @ Natalie -- Thanks! I'll get to those tonight. How fun!

    @ Style Underdog -- I think I've gotten to the point where not shopping is now my habit...although I have given myself leeway on shoes, accessories, and bags. It's weird, but I feel less pressure to keep up with fashion. Good thing or bad thing? I don't know. I haven't broken down and cried, but I have cheated a few times. :P

    @ Jeanna -- I used to steal my mom's short sleeve sweaters (even better...sweater sets!). But what your dad said was pretty funny.

  7. hi! I just added your blog and I think I'm going to be a regular!!

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