Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A wrinkle in time

The Rundown:
Mom's blazer - from the '70s or 80s (similar here and here)
The Limited top - 2009 - $12? (similar)
Old Navy bootcut pants - 2008 - $20 (similar)
Blake Scott pumps from Off Broadway - 2010 - $40 (similar here and here; probably still in stores)
Anne Klein watch - 2009 - $55 (available here)

What worked:
Loved this blazer for work. Two of my coworkers (who remembered back in the day when this style was all the rage) cuffed my sleeves for me, and I think I really like it this way. I also really like the teal and the red in the same outfit...for some reason, they both feel like neutrals to me (at least this deep red), and really let the blazer stand out today.

What didn't work:
I think I should have cuffed up the sleeves just one more time...uncuffed it was bracelet length, two cuffs may have made it near-elbow length. But this is a little awkward in between. Also, I have to remember to really press out the hem of these pants next time (I recently let out the hem since the pants shrunk and didn't accommodate heels anymore).

I'm pretty bad with the whole wrinkles thing. Granted, these photos are taken after a day of sitting at the office and 20-minute-per-way commute.  I tried spray starch this last time (in a spray bottle, not one of those aerosol cans; was supposed to be all natural, too), and its been a bit better than starchless, but not consistent enough to make me a believer. Still on the lookout for a good solution.

Do you starch when you iron? What are your tips on staying wrinkle free?

p.s. Trying out a new format and some new info (similar items on the web) based on the your feedback from my reader survey! If you haven't filled it out already, please do...you have until this Friday.


  1. I really like that blazer, and I love teal & red together. My clothes always are wrinkled after a day of work, so I need wrinkle-free suggestions too! You look great!

  2. I love this whole look! The color combo, the blazer, everything! I hate ironing, but I do it when I must. I really want to get a steamer though--they work so well! I love your blog, I'm going to give you a follow :)


  3. Heyyo, just popping over from my blog to say hi - I just followed you! I love your blog, and love how you mix work tips with your outfits - I really like this format of what worked and what didn't.

    As far as wrinkles, I always just try to start with as few wrinkles as possible and make sure I'm sitting neatly and with good posture - I have an hour+ commute and a nine hour workday, so sometimes I have wrinkles out the whazoo!

  4. 1) I love the teal & red together.

    2) I really like the blazer with just one cuff--I think the sleeve length is really flattering!

    3) When I iron cotton or linen, I use starch. Silk, rayon, etc., no starch. I desperately want a garment steamer because I think it would change my life. We registered for one when we got married, but never received it & I have never gone back and bought it (probably because even though I previously said it would change my life, I have a feeling it would be too much of a hassle to drag out all the time). But I still want one. :)

  5. I like this one! This would totally be something I could wear because it's not super dressy. The blazer is fabulous.

  6. Thanks ladies! Good to know I'm not alone :)

    @ Ashley - Great point...posture definitely helps.

    @ Jeanna - Do you have any good starch recommendations? I think I may just have to get the strong stuff, not the "natural" option I got this time.

    @ Beth - Thanks! My mom said she wanted it back, but when she came to visit for Easter she didn't mention it (or take it) so I'm still wearing it for now :)

  7. love the mum blazer! i remember when you first found it. :)

    wrinkles are hard...also, buttons popping open on buttondowns. ;) it helps to have good posture, and to walk mini-walk breaks to stretch out the waistline. my vague memories of corp attire are of uncomfy waistbands.

    a steamer would be awesome to have...a small portable one that's stowable in your office before big meetings. put it on your wishlist!! :)

  8. @ Annie - I know, right? What a find. I've only seen garment steamers demonstrated at the county fair. It looked amazing, and a friend ended up buying one, but he said it leaked all over the place and didn't work well. But it definitely seems easier (and more effective) than ironing.

  9. I love this blazer! I would steal it from you in a heartbeat. Hang on to it. It's absolutely beautiful and looks great with the pants.


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