Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So tell me why you want this job...

The Rundown:
Old Navy pants - 2008 - $20 (similar)
Old Navy blazer - 2008 - $40 (similar)
BR Outlet blouse - 2009 - $6 (similar)
Vintage belt - 2010 - $8 (similar)
Enzo Angiolini heels - 2007 - $70 (similar)
Pearls - 2007 - gift

What worked:
This is an example of a classic business outfit. We have been interviewing candidates for a position in our department, so I felt it was appropriate to suit it up today, although after seeing everyone else in less dressy clothes, I think I'll tone it down for the rest of the interviews.  There's an old adage that says "dress for the job you want, not the job you have," but another saying that says never dress better than your boss.  Sometimes it's hard to find a balance, and there can be some trial and error.  While being overdressed is definitely better than being underdressed, take the cues around you and use them to inform your wardrobe decisions in the future.

What didn't:
I felt a little CSI: Miami in this one...light suit, bright shirt. I can just hear The Who screaming in the background now.  I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bag thing.  The pants and jacket are actually suit separates meant to go together, but they show up slightly different colors in the photo...not sure why.  Other than that, it is hard to go wrong with a suit.

What types of cues have you read from your office and how have you adjusted your workwear accordingly?


  1. I think this is a great suit. The lighter color makes it a bit less stuffy than the traditional black/gray/navy.

  2. I like these shoes - they look like they will be a great transition pair as the weather starts to get cooler. - Katy

  3. My boss is a little 85lb woman that dresses like a 12 year old boy! I can't help dressing better than her. lol Yikes! I think you look great!

  4. WANT shoes. Want them. And your nail polish! So perfect!

  5. I adore this suit! You look absolutely gorgeous. I really like lighter colored suits and the pop of color in the blouse is stunning! Beautiful color on its own but so, so pretty against your skin tone. The necklace is the perfect classy touch. You look great.

    My boss has maybe two pairs of pants and two skirts. And maybe three shirts. If she's not wearing scrubs, she wears the same outfits over and over and over again, same shirt with the same pants, never switching anything up. And half of her clothes need repairs but she doesn't like to go shopping to buy new ones. I can't help dressing a little more creatively!

  6. I'm a new reader, I hope its okay to comment. I love this outfit, those shoes are gorgeous, and I like how the necklace adds a nice touch. To really complete the CSI Miami look you need to put on a pair of shades with the Who screaming in the background and snap off a one-liner. I'm self employed, so I shouldn't comment on how my boss dresses. ;)

  7. Love the color of your shirt- Perfect! My issue in the office is that I am younger than the majority of my coworkers, so sometimes if I wear something trendy I don't think they *get* it. Sometimes I find myself toning it down so I don't stick out. Boring!

  8. I love the color of the shirt too! It looks great with the light color suit.

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  9. I am just so so SO glad that working in hospitality, I don't have to wear a suit. In fact, if I knew ahead of time that a suit would be required every day, I probably wouldn't apply for the job. I don't feel creative when I'm fashionably stifled.

  10. @ eek - Thanks!

    @ katy - Yes, I love these shoes...they work really well for nearly every season (we don't get much winter out here compared to other places).

    @ Melinda - good point...I think a bottom threshold should be dressing presentable and appropriately, and anything above that can adjust to cues. :)

    @ sadie's momma - I just mixed wet n' wild black and white. I haven't found a cheap gray (I don't wear polish enough to justify spending more than $1.50/bottle)

    @ Melissa - Thanks, girl! I think there are definitely exceptions to that boss rule. :)

    @ matt - welcome and thanks for commenting! Funny--my everyday sunglasses are pretty similar to Horatio's (gold metal frame, brown lenses). My one-liners are not nearly as good as his, though.

    @ hope - Yeah, generational differences can be difficult. I wouldn't be afraid to stick out if it was in a good way!

    @ elaine - Thanks!

    @ ashlee - I'm weird...I actually like wearing suits! It's so much easier than actually picking a matching outfit in the morning (goodness, I hate mornings). And a well-cut suit can be so comfortable. I only wear a suit a few times a year as it is.

  11. Definitely agree with Sadie's Momma - AWESOME shoes!

  12. your comment re: CSI cracked me up! i love the pop of color with an otherwise neutral suit. very professional, i likes!

  13. lol, maybe i should start watching csi miami cause you look great! tho yeah, it's best not to be way more dressed up than your boss.


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