Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I *heart* blogger friends

Taking a break from my regularly schedule outfit and professional tips for some fun. Who am I kidding, this is a post about me. Stick around if you dare.

This weekend, the darling AJ over at All About AJ passed on the One Lovely Blog award.  I'm supposed to share seven things about myself and pass the award on to seven other bloggers. So here goes:

  1. I was born in Dallas, TX.
  2. Because of number 1, I am a die-hard Dallas Cowboys and NFL fan. I've been known to blow off all weekend Sunday (and Monday night) engagements during football season.
  3. I am absolutely addicted to french fries. They are an entire food group in my diet.
  4. I've been married for nearly three years. My wedding dress cost $250 and it was soooo perfect.
  5. I've changed my career twice. First I was a piano major and piano teacher. Then I was a transportation planner. Now I'm in communications and journalism.
  6. I went to graduate school in NYC, and miss the city dearly.
  7. I'm addicted to the show "How It's Made" on the Science Channel. In fact, I'm watching it right now.
I'm passing this award on to:
A Pretty Penny - Miss Melissa - Miss Vinyl Ahoy - Pixie in Pumps - Pocket of Presh - Third Floor Closet - Where My Heart Resides

    Natalie over at Pocket of Presh also tagged me to answer eight questions.  I'm also supposed to make up eight questions and then tag eight more bloggers to answer those, but it's Monday and I'm pooped.  So here goes.
    • What movie best describes your style? This is a stretch, but maybe Devil Wears Prada? I love how Andi is dressed to the nines for work but can still hoof it around town like a pro. I walk blocks in my heels everyday attempting to look so chic. I even had the Andi hair cut for a while (thick fringe and long layers)
    • Where do you find inspiration for your outfits? Everywhere would be the easy cop-out answer. I like looking at ads in fashion mags (usually more realistic than the fashion editorials) and also other bloggers.
    • How do you feel about thrift store shopping? I love the idea, but have yet to have any superb thrift store finds.
    • What's the next item of clothing you really want to buy? Well, I have a whole list of things I want to buy when my shopping diet is over next March, but it will probably be either a sheath dress, new pencil skirt, or cool blazer.
    • What's your favorite color to wear? White. Is that a color?
    • If you could shop in any city in the world, what city would you choose? New York City! Best city ever. I'd love to reacquaint myself with my old friend Broadway in Soho.
    • Do you have an item of clothing from the past that you really regret wearing? Oh do I. I had this pink and gray houndstooth skort that I rocked a lot in junior high. With a velour polo, knee high socks and chunky Mary Janes. Having traumatic flashbacks as I type.
    • Which is more important to you when shoe shopping, style or comfort? Comfort. Although I won't buy ugly shoes just cuz they're comfortable. So both?  I'm a very very picky shopper.
    Here are eight questions for all you readers out there.  If you're reading, consider yourself tagged. Answer in the comments.
    1. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
    2. Feet: Gross or okay?
    3. Ice cream, soft serve, or frozen yogurt?
    4. What would your perfect work outfit be?
    5. How many states (or countries) have you lived in? 
    6. What is your favorite reality show?
    7. Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction?
    8. Kim, Kourtney, or Khloe?

    On your mark, get set, go!


      1. I loved reading about you! My name is Alayne by the way :) But I just go by AJ.

      2. Eek sorry! I don't know what I was thinking. Fixing it now.

      3. Fun!

        1. A marine biologist because I loved fish and I loved to swim. I'm now an accountant, hmm...
        2. usually gross. some people have pretty feet and toenails and I'm ok with that.
        3. ice cream
        4. to be practical - gray pants, fun heels, a tank/cami, and some sort of cardigan
        5. one state (Texas!)
        6. if What Not to Wear qualifies as a reality show, that's my fave
        7. fiction
        8. Kim

      4. You're fine! Keep giving thrift stores a chance :)

      5. 1. A pony!
        2. Most are ok, but others are gross!
        3. Ice cream!
        4. whatever I slept in the night before :)
        5. 1... I have visited others!
        6. Project runway!
        7. Fiction
        8. None- they all kinda bother me!

      6. 1. A singer
        2. I'm fine with them as long as they're clean!
        3. Frozen yogurt! Mmm!
        4. So many choices... probably a black pencil skirt, skinny red belt, white collared shirt, and red accessories.
        5. I've lived in two states, one country.
        6. Bachelor/Bachelorette *shame, shame*
        7. Fiction!
        8. I don't understand why they're famous... so none.

        Come enter this week's giveaway!
        http://fashionmommaintraining.blogspot.com :)

      7. 1. I wanted to be a pilot and travel the world. Not a pilot but I still have dreams of visiting 6 continents before I turn 40
        2. Love mine; they're a little more than okay to me
        3. ice cream
        4. Jeans, cute ankle boots, tee or camisole and a nice blazer
        5. Four states, two countries on two different continents
        6. Hmmn... that would be a tie between top chef, chopped, iron chef america and project runway. Was I supposed to name just one? :)
        7. fiction
        8. puhleeez!!!

        this was fun. Thanks for putting it up. My Maternity Fashion Blog

      8. NOOOO NOOO! Not "How it's made"! My husband loves that show and it drives me nuts! The monotone voice kills me! Hahaha

        xoxo Maria

      9. I'm addicted to french fries too! I always crave them but can never have them.

        clothed much, a modest fashion blog

      10. 1. An engineer at Mission Control like the heros in "Apollo 13", thick black glasses included.
        2. Feet: Gross?
        3. Fro-yo, all the way.
        4. Slacks and a cute blouse.
        6. I've lived in 2 states (California - I grew up in Sacramento - and Massachusetts, when I went to college)
        7. I really liked the first two seasons of Project Runway. I think that's what got me motivated to wear more interesting clothes.
        8. I love a good story, whether it's true or made up.
        9. Google tells me you're talking about the Kardashians, and now I feel like I'm living in a pop culture cave.

      11. Aw you're adorable. Thank you so much! i'll post the 7 things tonight. xo

      12. @ElizabethAshley - gooooo Texas! My brother ended up moving back there for college and just stayed, so I still get to go back every once in a while. LOVE What Not To Wear. Have you seen How Do I Look? It's similar.

        @missvinylahoy - Yeah, they are a really psychologically crazy bunch.

        @Sadie's momma - Your ideal work outfit sounds divine!

        @olusola - wow, you are quite the traveler! What countries have you lived in?

        @maria - it's soo goooood. I like the matter-of-fact tone more than the fake interest in other shows.

        @elaine - I probably shouldn't eat them either, but I still do. They are soooo yummy.

        @ an engineer's closet - Go Sacramento! I'm w/ you...I'm equally as likely to enjoy nonfiction as fiction. I usually gravitate toward nonfiction lately though.

      13. Good answers! Thanks for playing along! And thanks the the award! ;)

      14. 1. I wanted to be a rodeo star. Barrel turns, suicide races, oh yes.
        2. I have a mild foot phobia. No thanks.
        3. I would normally say fro-yo, but I had a root beer float the other day (accompanied by flashbacks of going through the A&W drive-thru on roadtrips) and I love ice cream.
        4. I want a 4-piece gray wardrober suit. Not to wear all at once of course, but having a skirt, pants, jacket AND vest in a lighter gray appeals to me for some bizarre reason.
        5. 2 states (well, DC isn't a state I guess) and 3 countries (US, UK, Netherlands)
        6. I love to hate Tyra Banks on Americas Next Top Model, but if What Not To Wear counts then it is a tie.
        7. Generally non-fiction, but who doesn't love a trashy novel every now and then?
        8. None, really. But the one I dislike the least is Khloe, I don't see why everyone calls her the ugly sister or a transvestite. I think she is the prettiest of them because she doesn't look 80% plastic/dyed (hair and skin).

      15. 1) A marine biologist/teacher/disney princess
        2) It depends on whose feet they are.
        3) Frozen yogurt. Every Tuesday after Pub Quiz. I recently discovered the perfect flavor too: Red Velvet Cake. Yes, please!
        4) Casual clothing. I hate having to think about what to wear, but I love wearing whatever I actually feel like wearing that day.
        5) Only California and three months in London.
        6) I don't really watch reality shows. I know... I'm abnormal.
        7) Fiction
        8) See question #6. I honestly couldn't spot them in a line-up.

      16. @ at383 - Love the suit set! I just got my first pant, skirt, blazer set this year, and I love having the option to do both.

        @ Bridget - oOo where do you find Red Velvet Cake froyo?

      17. Red Velvet Cake frozen yogurt is sometimes in the line-up at Top It Off yogurt in Roseville.

      18. Oh, this is so nice! Thank you so much! I've been out of town and, consequently, out of touch over the past couple of days, but I'll post my 7 things ASAP tomorrow!

      19. I finally posted my 7 things! http://thirdfloorcloset.tumblr.com/post/918562874/one-lovely-blog

      20. @ Bridget...might have to keep an eye out..I think I've heard of some of the Sac places having it too.

        @ Jeanna - Great! Thanks for posting!


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