Thursday, October 14, 2010

Not too shabby

the new professional fashion blogger office appropriate target dress steve madden shoes workwear
the new professional fashion blogger office appropriate target dress urban outfitters double finger ring
the new professional fashion blogger office appropriate target dress steve madden shoes workwear
the new professional fashion blogger office appropriate target dress gap belt steve madden shoes workwear

The Rundown:
Target dress - 2009 - $17 (similar)
Gap belt - 2010 - $10 (similar)
Steve Madden mary-janes - 2003 - $20 (from mom; similar)
Urban Outfitters ring - 2010 - birthday gift (here)
Ball chain necklace (similar)

What worked:
Having read about Shabby Apple on many a blog over the past several months, I've completely fallen in love with their dresses.  Since I'm on a shopping diet, I can't really pull the trigger on any of them (plus they are pricier than I normally spend on clothing).  I bought this dress over a year ago, on sale at Target, and to be honest, it was one of those purchases that I bought mainly because it was on sale. It didn't really fit well, and it was too long. So I hemmed it myself (poorly, I might add), and wore it a few times.  Earlier this summer, I put it on and found that it actually didn't fit too badly (I gained a little weight, but who doesn't from time to time?), but that now it was too short for my preferences! So down went the hem (you can see a fold where it was in the first photo).  Doesn't it look like it could have been a Shabby Apple dress (except about 90% cheaper)?  I have been considering taking in the sides of the skirt to make it straight rather than flared, but for now I think I'll leave it as is.

I wore this outfit about two weeks ago--the day I debuted my double-finger ring at work. I was a bit nervous about how people would respond to it (it does make a pretty big statement), so I toned it down with some sweetness.  My mom bought me these mary janes when I was a sophomore or junior in college (can't remember), and I liked them mostly because the lining is pink. And I don't even like pink. But I love these shoes.  The red belt breaks up the expanse of black.

What didn't:
It was a bit of a pain to keep the belt inside the built-in waist detail of the dress, but other than that, I liked the outfit a lot.  What I don't like is how red my skin looks against a green wall.  Time to change photo locations.

Do you ever find that you want to change a piece of clothing right after you buy it, only to realize later that you prefer the original state of the garment?


  1. Heh. I'm not crafty enough to change any of my clothes myself. So I usually just suck it up and wear them as-is.

    I love that dress on you and those shoes are super cute!

  2. I love how you tied your belt! Belts are always too long for me, and I hate how they hang off to the side. Sometimes I use a bobby pin, but that's a cute alternative for a skinny belt! ;)

  3. I love Shabby Apple, but haven't bought anything yet for the same reasons you cite. I love this outfit. Did anyone notice the ring? Sometimes I think I'm making too big of a statement, and no one even notices. Then other times I think I'm being rather conventional and everyone has something to say. Maybe I'm just a bad judge of conventionality!

  4. Love the clothes at Shabby Apple but I don't think they are too petite friendly :(

    I really like that Target dress! I was surprised it was from Target!

    Curls and Pearls

  5. I really liked how you belted this dress, even though it already has a natural waist on it. I guess that's why it was hard to keep the belt in place?

    I don't typically change the clothes I buy because I have no sewing skills. So if they don't fit I don't buy or wear :)

  6. Thanks, ladies!

    @ ashlee - I've never tried a bobby pin before! You'll have to show me your technique.

    @ vee - I only got one comment about the ring all day (mini-brass-knuckles yadda yadda). Definitely not too much of a stir.

  7. Nice shoes, I have a similar pair in brown

    P.S you should enter my international giveaway. Win a 4GB Mimobot USB! They're adorable

  8. Wow, I had that dress from Target! It was a size too big for me so I only wore it when a basic black dress was really necessary. I never even thought to put a skinny belt on it. I never think of belts... i need to have a better relationship with belts.

  9. I thought the belt added a special touch to the outfit. Then I read what you wrote and totally understand about a belt not staying into place. I need to figure something out about this. I was thinking of getting thread and a needle and making "belt loops" for that belt for that day then cutting them out. Depending on the style of the dress this might work, but I'm scared.


  10. @nubiasnonsense - oo brown would be nice. The shape is just so classic.

    @ forevermelody - How crazy! I only started getting into belts this love love them now.

    @ colleen - Yeah, I'm not sure either. I have longer belt loop threads sewn into this dress, but they were done for a wide belt, so I didn't slip the tiny belt through. I guess I could do two sizes, though (little black threads aren't too distracting if you tuck them in).

  11. Oh, that's very vintage-y. I like it. I'd wear my '20s t-srap pumps with it. I have lots of "flapper shoes", as my mom calls them. :)


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