Friday, October 8, 2010

Executive Summary | Links for your weekend | 10.08.10

Eyeball candies for my office's Halloween social. I'm on the party planning committee. 

Another Friday, eh? I feel like I'm in the same place each and every Friday--a state of disbelief, exhaustion, and mental emptiness.  But then the weekend comes and it is great.  This weekend is going to be super-awesome.  Here's why:
  • My new camera is supposed to arrive today! A shiny new DSLR for K to take outfit photos and for me to play around with for fun (it takes video, you ever wonder what my voice sounds like?).
  • My family is coming to town this weekend! My brother, who's been out in Houston the past seven years, will be staying over Saturday night, and then on Sunday my parents come into town just for the day.  They're taking the bro back with them, but he'll be back with me and K Wed-Sat.  We're only 17 months apart in age and grew up doing everything together (we were even officers in the same clubs together in high school), and I'm so excited to be showing him my 'hood (he's never been to Davis/Sac).
  • We're going to the opera on Saturday night.  The local college has a gorgeous performing arts center and this will be my first time actually going there for a show. It's more of a concert, featuring opera singers, rather than an entire dramatic story, but I'm excited nonetheless. Back in college, when I was a piano major, I had the opportunity to accompany a soprano for her junior recital...accompanying soloists and playing in chamber groups were my favorite part of the whole music major thing.
Before I embark on my awesome weekend, however, let's get through this workday with some links, shall we?
  • If you haven't checked out Interview Week at Academichic, you should. I especially like this post on suiting (I'm a nerd).
  • Forbes unveiled their list of the 100 most powerful women in the world...I'm a little unsure about some of the more pop culture figures on the list, but I love all the female CEOs and presidents!
  • One of my favorite seasonal Halloween candies is candy corn (the classic kind, not the pumpkin-shaped silliness).  These candy corn-shaped cookies look just as good as the real thing!
  • As a sometimes-writer (our fall magazine comes out next week--we got our backup stock yesterday and I love the smell and feel of freshly printed magazines), I'm always looking to get more practice.  But who can find the time?  Chris Brogan's post, the Discipline to Write Daily, really hit home for me this week, and inspires me to spend more time on my craft.
And if case you missed it earlier this week, don't forget to submit a pic of your workspace to be featured on The New Professional!  Home office or work office--you choose.

Okay, finally done with the bullets in this post (I'm all for chunking information up for easy digestion--and yes, that's the technical term for it).

What are your plans for this weekend?


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