Friday, October 15, 2010

Executive Summary | Links for your weekend | 10.15.10

Birthday present from K. Isn't it pretty?

This week has been full of fun stuff for me.  After working late nearly every night for the past month, things have finally calmed back down to normal, although I'm still getting the hang of being a manager at work (expect to hear more about that from now on).  AND, my DIY post from this week got picked up on News 10 blogs and IFB's Links a la Mode.  So excited to catch up on sleep this weekend and play with the new camera a bit.

Let's get to some weekly reads!
  • Does your office celebrate Halloween with costumes? Ours does (no joke).  I'm pretty sure what I'm going to dress up as, but if you haven't decided on your costume yet, check out Jessica's tried-and-true ideas (most of them can be made appropriate for work). 
  • You know I'm into DIYs, and although Keira's DIY deodorant is a far cry from sewing, it sounds really easy and effective! Seriously considering giving this a try.
  • Miss Social's super-easy DIY flower haircomb could also be easily converted into a hair clip or attached to a headband. I love the summery feel of the striped fabric, too!
  • Can't get enough of good ol' spiral bound notebooks? Check out Alexander Wang's notebook clutch, featured on the Office Stylist blog.
  • I'm hoping to show you my home office soon (teaser!), but just a hint--it's nothing as cool as this hidden home office on Apartment Therapy. (This post is from September, but I should preface it by saying I keep up on all my blog reading except my design blogs, so I didn't actually read this until this week.)
  • In the same category as old-but-new-to-me-this-week posts is this awesome video of a guy's 89-square-foot house.  Yes, house.  He does live alone, but most guys I know are just as bad as gals at accumulating stuff.  
  • While I am grateful to have a full-time job, I often wonder what it would be like to freelance (an option I did for about a month after I moved to Sacramento, before I landed my current job).  USA Today explores a new trend in companies hiring more freelancers to save money, especially when the workload is light. Good idea or no? (I happen to really like my benefits.)
  • It's been a while since I posted a typography-related link. Or a map-related link.  The previously mentioned backlog in blog reading is the reason.  But this week I hit the motherlode: typographic maps!  The process is long and painstaking, so only Chicago and Boston are currently available. I'd snap up an NYC or LA one in a snap if it were available.
  • And of course, food. One of my favorite desserts is creme brulee (I even bought myself some ramekins and a torch, only to leave it sitting for the past six years with no gas in it).  This sweet vanilla quiche seems to capture a similar flavor and seems much easier to make.  Just add caramel?
What good reads have you seen in the blogosphere this week?


  1. Thanks for the link-back! I absolutely love that notebook clutch, so fierce. Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks, Angeline! You're the best :) I'm on day five, and still really loving it!

  3. the hidden office is a fantasy of mine. some day!

    the super duper tiny house? so appealing in some ways and yet completely nutty in others.

  4. @ misssocial and keira - thanks for having such great blogs!!

    @ tami - yeah, that house is cool, but i don't think I could do it. Downsizing from a duplex to a one-bedroom was enough for me (although I now think ~700sf is the perfect size for me + K).


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