Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sleeveless in the summer

office fashion blogger wearing ann taylor loft tie neck shell wide belt target a-line skirt enzo angiolini peep-toe pumps

So remember that little ol' challenge I did with a bazillion other bloggers? This is the outfit I wore on day 31.  In August. Yes, it is old, but I really liked it and never posted it. Plus I got home at 8:30 last night, so outfit pictures were out of the question. And this outfit is reminds me pleasantly of summer.  Fall decided to hit suddenly this weekend, and as much as I'm looking forward to scarves and boots, I'm missing the sun.  See how nice and bright it used to be in my apartment at 5:40 p.m.? Now the lights are all on.

The Rundown:
Ann Taylor Loft top - 2005 - $20? (similar)
Vintage belt - 2010 - $12 (similar)
Target skirt - 2007 - $6 (similar)
Nine West shoes - 2009 - $25 (similar)

What worked:
I loved the proportions and balance of this outfit--the high neck of the blouse balances out the bare arms and the longer skirt, the open toes. This was truly one of those thrown together in panic outfits, but was easily one of my faves.

What didn't:
I'm not quite sure of the wide belt gives me a waist or makes me look straighter. I wonder if I should have worn it higher? It certainly doesn't look bad where it it, but I wonder if moving the belt would improve the look (there is always room for improvement).

I'm still on a bit of a skirt kick, but thinking I'm going to need tights with them soon (it was only 70 degrees today--yes I am a wuss).  Still haven't figured out a good solution for outfit photos in the winter yet, which explains the posting of old outfits.  Any ideas?

What do you miss most about summer (fashion-related or otherwise)?


  1. even if it's an old outfit, i like it! the light gray belt is great!

  2. fantastic summer outfit - I love that shade of red!

    taking remix photos in the winter is definitely more of a pain - I haven't resorted to indoors yet, but I have use my porch light outside!

    I miss the longer days of summer for sure :)

  3. I'm dying for a red skirt! This one looks great on you. I take all my photos indoors, and am rarely happy with them...but will have to do until I get a tripod and some time to go outdoors!

  4. I miss the longer days of summer the most! It's going to be really hard to get home in time from work to shoot photos before the sun sets. I don't have any good place to take them inside my apartment.

  5. Thanks gals!

    I tested out a new setup indoors yesterday which didn't thrill me but wasn't horrible--will post next week. I'm pushing K to learn more tricks on our new camera so hopefully the indoor results aren't too bad.

  6. Gorgeous! Perfect proportions and balance of color and neutral.


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