Friday, October 1, 2010

Executive Summary | Links for your weekend | 10.01.10

Halo by WET Designs at the City Center in Las Vegas

Helloooo October! Looking forward to fall (if it will ever come), and my parents and brother coming to visit next weekend.  It feels good to be is a big ol' dose of great links for your weekend reading pleasure.
  • When I'm not on a shopping diet, I'm on the lookout for a bargain. Suze from Miss Vinyl Ahoy shares her tips for finding hidden treasures.
  • Since putting on the Married 20 (I avoided the Freshman 15, but this was no match for me), I've stretched my wardrobe to its fullest potential (har har).  Sally from Already Pretty has some advice for making tight clothing wearable.
  • Agree with it or not, people often judge a woman by their clothes. MSNBC explores how this can hurt or help, and when you can finally let loose.
  • Maria from Bachman's Sparrow isn't just a fashion plate and sweetie pie, but a crafty entrepreneur. Check out the newest additions to her etsy shop (a plus--they dance!).
  • I'm totally loving this season's nail colors.  Jane Has a Job picks the best colors, while Keira at A Pretty Penny teaches us how to do a killer newsprint manicure.
  • You've seen my cubicle...these inspiring non-traditional workspaces put it to shame.
  • Lifehacker shares its best tips on making your workspace work for you.
  • I love art, and these music-inspired pieces are freakin' awesome! I'd go for the Rolling Stones.
  • Work can often get us down and seem unfair, but check out this awesome manifesto from the Middle Finger Project...will you be defiant or admit defeat?
  • K and I recently found a new favorite show: The League. It's not for the faint-of-heart or averse-to-crass. But it is amazingly hilarious.
See ya Monday!


  1. Hey! That's my link in there! :)

    And I've been wanting to watch The League, it's on right after It's Always Sunny, right??

  2. I always love your weekend links....and I had to steal the MSNBC one for my blog. ;)

  3. PS I did link back to you though!

  4. @missvinylahoy - I'm not sure when It's Always Sunny is on, but I'm guessing so?

    @jeanna - thanks! I'm not sure how many people read this weekly, but I really like putting it together so it stays. :)


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