Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Chop chop and layering neutrals

office fashion blogger turtleneck sweater vest banana republic pencil skirt aerosoles pumps herringbone tights layering
office fashion blogger turtleneck sweater vest bob hair
office fashion blogger turtleneck sweater vest bob hair
office fashion blogger banana republic pencil skirt aerosoles pumps herringbone tights layering
Indoor shots. There's really no way around them. But at least I found a spot in my apartment!

The Rundown:
Turtleneck sweater - 2010 - swap (similar)
White blouse - 2007 - $20? (similar)
BR high-waist pencil skirt - 2010 - $60ish (similar)
Hue tights - 2010 - $10 (similar)
Aerosoles pumps - 2005 - $30 (similar)
Belt - 2010 - swap (similar)
Anne Klein watch - 2009 - $55 (available)

What worked:
A week or two back Maria asked about neutrals and trying to liven them up.  My comment at that time was that I love neutrals, but what I really like to do is combine them.  Today was a perfect case-in-point: shades of tan, brown, white, and black.  Another way I like to wear neutrals is layering different textures.  Here we have a thick knit (sweater), suiting wool (skirt), herringbone (tights), and suede (shoes).  Each piece alone is rather expected and has the potential to be boring, but smashing them altogether creates interest (and keeps you warm!).

What didn't:
With the chunky knit and layers, this outfit did verge on the shapeless side. The belt helped rein in the volume and give a visual waist as well.  Other than that, I really loved this outfit.

Funny thing I noticed this morning after I got to work--this sweater mixes my last two Make Believe Mondays (sort of) with a turtleneck vest! It was another one of my recent swap scores. Super-soft, too.

Yes, I got my hair chopped this weekend. (duh.  I'm not a Magic Hair Doll. Anyone else remember those?)  I sort of like the idea of short hair in the winter and longer hair in the summer, because it's easy to put on a scarf in the winter and I like being able to make a ponytail in the summer. Last time I cut my hair I went right to the shoulder, so I decided to go above the shoulder this time.  All I did this morning was blowdry--no product, barely any combing--and let the turtleneck sort of shape the hair.  I'm going to try straight-ironing the ends tomorrow (more like my original inspiration).

On Saturday morning, when I decided to go short (it was a bit of a last-minute decision), K asked me not come home with "mom hair," and the third comment I got on my Facebook profile was from my cousin saying, "you look so much like your mom!" If that means I look a decade younger than I actually am and am super-tiny after having two kids, eating pastries everyday, and never exercising, then I reply, "thank you!"

Are you a short hair in the summer/long hair in the winter kind of gal or the other way around? Or do you stick to your signature style, no matter the season?


  1. Your hair is adorable, and I love the herringbone tights! I change my hairstyle a lot, but I don't really think about the season.

  2. Love the new 'do!!! I'm definitely longer hair in the summer, shorter in the fall/winter/spring. I hate the heat & humidity, so I need the ponytail with sopping wet hair "style" option ;)


  3. Love those tights and your hair is so cute!

  4. Fantastic haircut - you look great! (I am a short-hair-all-the-time girl because of its low maintenance!)

    Great neutral layering today. I really like the sweater and patterned tights.

  5. Your hair is awesome! I'm trying to grow mine out, but your new look has me seriously reconsidering :)

  6. I'm a short hair all the time kind of gal. Love the new cut!!! Also, Love this outfit. This patterned tights are fabulous.
    No Guilt Fashion

  7. That cut looks so good on you! I also got mine cut on Saturday, and it turned out really similar (even though I did say shoulder length).

  8. Thanks, friends! I'm still getting used to it (it's fun to swish around and actually feel it moving).

  9. I love your hair! I just got mine cut too and I love the wash 'n go style. =)

  10. turns out we do have the same cut, except that mine is shorter (both in the back and the bangs).

    and def long hair in the summer. i do sports so it needs to be long enough to tie back.

    and the patterned tights are an awesome way to spruce up an otherwise maybe boringish outfit.

  11. what a fun change! and the outfit is really great! i would never have put all that together, but hey, that's why you have a blog and thankfully, i don't.

    i concur with step, long(er) hair in summer so i can put it up more easily.

  12. Cute short hair!! I'm jealous. Wish I had the guts to do that

  13. Your hair looks great! I like this outfit, the belt definitely brings it all together. I like the tights too, love patterned tights!

  14. @ stylepint - Your hair is adorable!

    @ step - oo I gotta see it!

    @ t - I miss your blog.

    @ grace - thanks! just do it if you want to!

    @ curlsandpearls - I agree...the belt really made the outfit work. Such a great swap find.

  15. Love this outfit! Great mix of textures. Your apartment is also really cute!

  16. @ emma - thank you! I love my little place, too.

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