Monday, October 25, 2010

Make Believe Monday | Cozy core

Over the past nearly-eight months, I've bought three items of clothing: a suit, a jacket, and a shell (on my business trip to Vegas last month I realized I didn't have anything to wear under my suit! Packing fail).  This, of course, is due to my shopping diet, not my own self-control or any hesitation in shopping, although it could be argued that the diet has triggered these things to begin appearing.

In all honesty, I miss shopping. A lot. But then I look at what I have and the fact that I have not yet run out of clothing to wear (gasp!) and I remember why I'm on this diet. I fear that when March 1, 2011, hits, I will go crazy either at the mall or online (or both).  While I don't believe shopping is actually a bad thing (I'm just a sucker for a challenge), I wonder how I will react.

That said, I haven't exactly been a savings machine since I started the diet (it wasn't a financially-driven decision in the first place)...we had to replace our computer and printer, and got a new camera for my birthday. Plus I've purchased probably 5 pairs of shoes, 2-3 belts, a scarf, a bag, and handfuls of jewelry to make up for the lack of "clothing" (I know, it sounds like a technicality, but it is within the rules).  Swaps have been the main feeder of my want of clothing, and I feel super-fortunate that they come around several times a year in Sacramento.

Now to get back on topic, what has made me really think more about shopping lately is the change in weather.  It has been cold and rainy all weekend, and while I am definitely more suited for summer (I pull out the boots and down coats at around 72 degrees), I do love a lot of things about fall--warm baked goods, candlelight and scents, pies and desserts, blankets, boots, holidays, family, and did I mention food?  Unfortunately we discovered this weekend that our heater in our apartment is broken (or just not turning on for some reason) and I really wish I had one of these chunky vests to wear.  I did score a light vest at the latest swap, but it may take a while for that to make its debut (will definitely be a staple next summer).

This basic piece is cozy enough for a weekend trip to the pumpkin patch, or keep it at your desk to wrap around yourself without wrinkling up your sleeves.
This ruffled number dresses up a basic button-down + skirt/slacks combo and adds an extra layer for warmth.
I love this tuxedo-inspired piece, and check out the sassy lace back.

Tweed is an old office standby -- try this over just about anything (maybe even a sheath dress?).

The military trend is everywhere this year--in vest form it can dress up a long-sleeve tee and trouser jeans for a Casual Friday look.

The oversize collar and elegant draping here make a chunky knit more sophisticated.

Could you imagine yourself in one of these vests? What kind of vest would you rock at the office?


  1. i love these, really the first two, but the material is so thick that it really ...well, quite frankly it thickens me up and makes me look chunky. i feel like these are more flattering on thinner figures or people with more definitive waists.

  2. I am so impressed with your shopping diet! Also love the accessories caveat :)

    If I were you, I might go a little shopping crazy once March 2011 comes around, but maybe this experience will help you be a smarter shopper? That's what I'm trying to be - only purchase items I know are really worthwhile.

    - Meredith

  3. i love the sweater cardigans. You can wrap them so many ways and they are good for layering.

    My latest post: When seasons change

  4. I especially love the ruffled one (guess I'm a girly-girl at heart). So cozy!

  5. oh my god honey, thinking about a self imposed year long shopping diet makes me sick! you are my hero :D I just would not be able to do it at all, I study at a campus just off the major highstreet in Antwerp, Belgium and I pass all the hip stores nearly every day. I would seriously die. Ok not really but still!

    If you have some spare time, drop by my blog! :)

  6. i really like vests (your #1 and 4 especially). the add warmth without bulky arms or can dress up any outfit. and if you're going out after work and want to look sexy but classy, depending on the fit, you can take off the shirt underneath and just wear the vest for a top. just be sure you don't run into your boss on your way out the door!

  7. For some reason I've never been a fan of vests...

  8. I'm really proud of you to have done so well with your "diet"! It really is inspiring :) I always tell myself to get a vest but never really like the one's I find in stores...hopefully one day hahaha

    xoxo Maria

  9. i'm a fan of ruffles as well! i think warmth is incredibly important and as a recent norcal transplant, realize that most of my socal wardrobe is too sheer and non-insulated. layering does add bulk (naturally), and i like to buy bigger outer-wear to fit all my miniscule layers.

    i wear puffer vests and fur to the office. :) always with faux fur!

  10. @ t - that's nothing a belt can't fix! Maybe try the thinner fabric ones or a cropped vest?

    @ meredith - I think I would have failed long ago if it weren't for the shoes/accessories caveat. In fact I just bought another pair of shoes today (it was piperlime's birthday for crying out loud!)

    @ l - i looooove layering. :)

    @ natalie - I can totally picture you rocking the ruffles!

    @ annebeth - omg i can't imagine having to see a lot of stores! I live about 30 min away from the closest mall and it's a trek to go to a good one (those are like an hour away) so that helps. Plus I'm picky about fit, so I don't really buy clothes online.

    @ step - I think I've seen you wear a vest as a shirt once! Or was that a shirt as a dress? I think both. ;)

    @ elaine - I'm not really a vest gal either. But I really wish I could pull it off.

    @ maria - Thanks, hon! Yeah, it's all nice in theory (maybe that's why my make believe monday hasn't driven me to cheat more), but in person is different. Maybe you'll find something else in person that you can't find online!

    @ annie - You are definitely a vest wearer! I love your puffers.

  11. I love the black sweater wrap from Old Navy. I just bought it this past weekend for 11.99! It was on clearance with an addiional 40% off. SCORE! I was so happy!

  12. OOPS I forgot to add that I LOVE your new hair cute. Super cute!!

  13. Thanks Melinda! What a great deal you got!


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