Monday, October 18, 2010

Make Believe Monday: My neck of the woods

We're FINALLY getting some fall weather up here in Northern California (it went from 90-something degrees on Wednesday to low 70s and rainy on Sunday).  I haven't quite pulled out all my winter clothes just yet, but I've definitely got bundling up and layering on my mind.  So the latest addition to my wish list is a tissue-thin turtleneck.

Turtlenecks have come a long way since they were super-popular when I was a child. While the chunky knits are still widely available, the tissue-thin modern versions are super sleek and perfect for layering under a blazer or dress.  With only five months left until I can shop again, I've got my eye on one (or more) of these.

Since these are so basic, I just picked a few that are available in various colors at some different price points.

For the office, I would pair this with just about anything...a pencil skirt, a dress, some tweed slacks, an embellished blazer...this really is a versatile basic.  Some styling ideas:

Workwear | Turtleneck + Dress

Workwear | Turtleneck + Dress by thenewprofessional featuring a chain necklace

Have you tried the tissue-thin turtleneck? How do you style it for work?


  1. Turtlenecks in general are tough for me because I'm busty and petite, so they REALLY emphasize my chest (not exactly office appropriate). I have worn this turtlenecks under dresses though, like your second styling, which isn't bad. In general I'm just more comfortable with a cardi over something than a turtleneck - it's a bummer, too, because I really like the look!

  2. For think turtlenecks that I have tried I have noticed the sleeves are much too short for my arms. I guess the big bulky turtlenecks have longer sleeves because the desire is to have it go past your wrist but those just barely hit my wrists. I do like them in theory.

    Ashley - there were times when I liked emphasizing my smaller chest so I liked turtle necks. -- opposite of you.

  3. i love me a good mockneck (the fold of usual turtle necks makes me look like i have a body builder's neck). keeps you warm without the bulk on an extra sweater or scarf.

    colleen - maybe you can go in the opposite direction and get something with 3/4 sleeves? they'll come up to your elbows, also not a bad look.

  4. @ ashley -- good point. I've never really had a busty problem :)

    @ colleen - I second Stephanie on the three-quarter sleeve. It's not quite as warm as a long-sleeve, but it'll still give you the look?

    @ stephanie - I loooove the warmth of having my neck covered. ooo cozy.

  5. I have a thin brown turtleneck from the Gap from several years ago that I LOVE and wear all the time, so I recommend the Gap version (once your shopping ban has been lifted)! I like to scrunch the neck instead of folding it down. Since the fabric is so thin, it doesn't add too much bulk.

  6. @ jeanna - I love the scrunching idea! sounds a bit cozier and more casual, too. :)

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