Thursday, October 28, 2010

Handle Halloween like a pro


Have you been hit over the head with Halloween yet?  Yeah, I think we all have.  I'm not a huge going-out kind of person, so Halloween is mostly about the sweets for me.  I think the last time I dressed up for a Halloween party was when my roommates and I hosted one our senior year in college (I made my own Dallas Cowboys cheerleader costume...yes, there are probably some pics floating around the Internet but don't go snooping).  But my office is pretty festive when it comes to holidays and socials.  We even have an employee social committee (shortened to ESC, wouldn't you know).

Corporette and Jane Has a Job have done their run downs on office Halloweens--those gals have some great tips!  But here are a few other ideas for quick, easy, office appropriate ways to show your spirit for the haunted holiday.

Sexy fill-in-the-blank is not going to fly in the office the way it seems to everywhere else. But there are plenty of options for dressing up.
  • Eras. In love with the 80s or the 50s? Take a decade and dress in a themed outfit. What better way to work some over-the-top fashion into the workplace?
  • Sports. The NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and MLS are all actively in their seasons, and sports is typically a safe theme for the office.  Dress up as a crazed fan, your favorite player, or a referee.
  • Masks. Not the crazy-expensive, foul-smelling, over-your-head rubber kind that gives you the hairstyle and all in one fell swoop, but the (often paper) kind that you can place against your face and has elastic to go around your head.  They come in all kinds of themes, or you can make your own. These are great because you aren't stuck wearing it all day.
  • Hobbies.  Wear your gardening hat and gloves if you've got a green thumb, or maybe bring your toolbelt if you're handy.  This should be easy since it will involve things you already have at home.
  • Props. Add a witch's hat to an all-black outfit (or a stovepipe hat to a suit) and you've got an easy costume that magically transforms into a regular work outfit after your office social maven stops by to check on your Halloween spirit.
While I'm all for having a snazzy cubicle, I'm not much on seasonal decorating. But one department of our organization is.  Pumpkins, cats, bats, and spiders are all easy themes that won't rock the boat too much.

I love candy. Like, I really love candy. I keep a candy bowl at my desk year round, as do a few other folks around the office. But around Halloween the volume of candy laying around is just crazy.  And after Halloween? Well, you know who has kids since they like to bring the extra candy loot to the office.  If you're a candy bowl kind of person, post-Halloween is a great time to stock up on fun-size chocolate bars. Just don't get the stuff that looks like eyeballs or pumpkins--people will know in March how old your candy is.

Like I mentioned before, our office is pretty big on socials.  We had an Americana themed picnic at the end of June, a luau in September, and our November and December are full of Thanksgiving and "Winter Season/New Year" celebrations.  Last year for Halloween we did a creepy dessert buffet.  Talk about a sugar overload!  This year we're ordering cupcakes and cookies from the local grocery and having a costume contest. Wish me luck (I'm going as my former coworker J, who left us to move to NYC a few months ago and had a very distinct work uniform of plaid shirts, hoodies, jeans, and cowboy boots).

What are you doing for Halloween at your office?


  1. Our office doesn't do anything for any holidays. Some groups have a party around Christmas but most don't.

  2. I think that's pretty common--our office is relatively small (maybe 70-80 employees?) so it's not inconceivable to plan office-wide stuff.


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