Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Show me your workspace!

You've seen my desk (and it's transformations), now show me yours! Fashion is just one way to express your personal style at the office; your environment is another. Cubicles and offices are often a blank canvas just waiting for some flavor.  I want to see how you've made your desk your own.

To be included in this new feature, please send an email to thenewprofessionalblog [at] gmail [dot] com with the following:
  • Photo of your workspace or desk. Feel free to remove any identifying elements if you want to remain anonymous, or let me know if you'd like me to Photoshop out any logos (with the few skills I have).
  • Name that you would like to be known as in the post (first name, full name, initials, or nickname).
  • Link to your blog (optional).
  • A one-paragraph description of your space: type of office, favorite and least favorite parts, DIYs, etc.  
I'm hoping to make this a regular feature (biweekly or monthly, depending on participation), so send me some photos!

Got a question? Send an email.


    1. I'm just here to encourage you to make this happen more than once because I *just* moved into a new office and would love to participate, but I've seriously got nothing up AT ALL so I'd like to share when you do Round 2 ;)

    2. my cube at work is pretty much barren because I'm never there. And I don't really have a workspace at home. I have two laptops that float around from space to space. soooo... not much to show off! But I love this idea! I can't wait to see what people's workspaces look like.

    3. @ saraara - I definitely want to make this an ongoing thing, so please share when you get settled!

      @ pixie in pumps - I hear ya on the home workspace. We're laptop folks here, too.

      I'm not sure if people will be into sharing their workspaces, but I hope they do! Pass the word along!

    4. Definitely would share my workspace (which is kind of awesome, I think) except I'm not sure company policy would allow it...great idea though!!

    5. Boo...wish we could see it! I'm open to home offices, too, if you have a neat space at home.

    6. Home Offices and Workspaces

      Its Ted Mcgrath and I've got 2 great plans for you today

      I call these the "Home Offices and Workspaces" series. Take a look at them below:

      1st Project: "Arts & Crafts" Table Lamp Plan

      This is a project for slightly more experienced folks. With its simple lines, this lamp is reminiscent of early 20th-century Prairie-style design...

      ==> Click here to download your plan

      2nd Project: Traditional Shelf Plan

      Again, this is one of my older plans but it is still a classic! (and a really popular design too!)

      These shelves have a nice visual interest and best of all, is that this piece is simple and quick to build.

      >> Download both plans here <<

      To remarkable woodworking, Ted Mcgrath

      P.S: I've gotten so many nice notes from people who really enjoyed the all the free plans so far

      Thank you so much for your kind words.

      P.P.S: If you'd like to download 16,000 more woodworking plans, >>click here to
      get instant access to my entire archive<<


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