Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Comfortable combos [outfit]

loft outlet top
 franco sarto hot sandals
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans
LOFT outlet top - 2011 - $14 on sale (similar) / Textured pencil skirt - 2010 - swapped (similar) / Franco Sarto sandals via Piperlime - 2011 - $45 on sale (available) / Canvas and leather belt - 2010 - swapped (similar) / Ball chain necklace (similar)

Outfit analysis: This outfit isn't really anything new for me (I love ruffles and pencil skirts) but I do like how this color combo turned out. The top is a bit of a stone color...not quite gray but not quite brown. It reminds me of Linley's top that I borrowed way back when. This belt + shoe combo is quickly becoming a summer favorite, too.

Ever since my shopping diet ended, I've been shopping up a storm. These shoes and this top are just a few of my latest purchases. And unlike my usual formula, I didn't try either of these on before I purchased.

The shoes
—I got these from Piperlime, knowing that I could return it for free. I already have a pair of Franco Sarto boots, so I know the brand runs relatively true to size

The top—I got this from the new LOFT outlet in nearby Vacaville (the outlets are the same distance away as the regular mall for me). I didn't feel like trying things on so I eyeballed it. Unfortunately I cut the tags off before I tried it on at home, and it's slightly large. I don't think it will be a huge problem, but with this fitted look it felt a little awkward.

Lesson learned: try it on!

Do you try on clothes or eyeball your size? How often do you miss?


  1. Very sophisticated color palette and I love your new shoes!

  2. LOVE this look, and kind of want to steal it! Also, you scored some great pieces via swap. For not trying them on, the top and shoes look like great additions to your closet :)

  3. I try a lot of stuff on unless it's obviously too small. I have an idea of my measurements and certain brands that fit me well. But, trying something on always helps me figure out the value of something beign added to my closet or kept on the rack in the store.

  4. I only try on dresses and most of the time I am pretty good at gauging if something will fit or not! www.bravoerunway.com

  5. I have been seeing so many great looks with a basic pencil skirt like this, a tucked in top and a simple belt. It makes me want to try the look and figure out a way to give it my own spin. Love this on you. - Katy

  6. LOVE the belt and shoe combo! Your whole outfit is great.

    I use to eyeball everything at the store, but after having 2 kids and getting older, I try everything on now.

  7. I usually have a good eye and can tell if something will fit.
    Nice look...

  8. I always try on, because you just never know!

    I love these mixed neutrals. You look fantastic!

  9. Love the outfit, ruffles are my new favorite. Very girly and feminine...

  10. I love the top - such ruffle-y goodness.

    I usually try things on but sometimes, like you, when I am feeling lazy, I just eyeball it. I try to only do it with items from places I have bought things before so I generally know the fit.

  11. I am completely beside myself - I LOVE this top. The colour, the ruffles, the way it compliments the brown belt and shoes SO well.

  12. what a great neutral grouping! love this, angeline!

  13. It's a beautiful top. Perhaps handstitching some darts in the back would help the fit.

  14. That top is wonderful! Whole outfit is very stylish!

  15. I love the top on you! And the shoes are perfect for the summer!

    I hate having to go back to return/exchange so I always try stuff on.

  16. @ Faith - thanks!! they're my new favorite. :)

    @ Ashley - Seriously, swapping has really been great for me. Some of my favorite pieces were from swaps, and I hope my clothes have become staples for someone else, too.

    @ B. Inspired - Oh, yes, dresses can be such a crapshoot.

    @ KT - this formula has definitely become a go-to for me. Can't wait to see how you make it your own!

    @ Style Journey - I am terrible at eye-balling everything except basic tees and tanks. I don't know what I was thinking here.

    @ Lorena - Thanks!

    @ Besos Lynn - I love ruffles, too. They're just so interesting and fun!

    @ Eek - Good point. I can never remember what size I wear when, which probably means I need to add a note on my phone with my own sizes. lol.

    @ Sorren - Thank you!

    @ My Heart Blogged - Thanks, Vanessa!


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