Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy hours and lunches [outfit]

banana republic factory store tiered tee
the limited tulip skirt
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans french braid
BR Factory Store tiered tee - 2011 - $6 on sale/clearance/coupon (similar) / The Limited tulip skirt - 2009 - $20 on sale (similar) / Mossimo pumps via Target - 2010 - $10 on sale (similar) / J. Crew Outlet belt - 2011 - $5 on clearance (similar) / Necklace via Gottschalk's - 2008? - $6 on clearance (similar)

Outfit analysis: Aside from the shoes, which are just bearable, this has to be one of my most comfortable outfits yet. I like that this skirt doesn't cinch too tightly at the waist and has a forgiving tulip shape. I love the softness of the tee (although it could use an ironing...those tiers did not weather the washer well at all). I like the colors, which are soft without being too pastel and girly. I like the hair, even if it doesn't look as nice in the back as I imagined and especially because it was a happy accident—I braided my still-wet hair so it would be out of my face while I put on my make-up and just never took it down. It did need a bobby pin by midday, though, since my layers are still a little too short for this hairstyle.

The countdown is on...eight working days left at the Day Job. It's also celebration season, so this outfit was worn to work and then to a happy hour to celebrate a coworker's graduation from business school. Leaving in the summer is apparently a bit awkward, since several of my coworkers will be on vacation on my last day, which means the happy hours and good-bye lunches will be starting soon. I already have most nights this week booked: my last book club meeting tonight, my last Sacramento fashion bloggers meet-up, and my last Sacramento Rivercats game. For the next 2.5 weeks, everything I do will be titled "the last _____ (while I live in CA)."

This past weekend was full of see-you-laters as well. We spent four days immersed in family and friend time in Southern California, visiting our parents, K's grandma and grandpa (on different sides), K's sister and her family, and our closest friends. Of course, with just one weekend to spare, there were many faces we missed seeing, but it's comforting to know that we'll still be gravitating home for all the major holidays and any other excuse we can come up with. One of the things K and I are most grateful for is the closeness of our families, in geography and in relationship. Our parents live less than an hour apart and communicate pretty regularly with each other. It's not something we thought about much before we got married, and our parents never hung out much before that, but we're really happy with how things have developed.

Enough with the sappiness. Happy hours and lunches, happy hours and lunches. All good things.

How do you celebrate or mark milestones at work? Do you prefer after-work happy hours or midday lunch breaks?


  1. Your tee has got some really interesting detailing; I absolutely love it. Your whole outfit looks super comfy! and I'll believe you about the shoes being "bearable" because they look like they could be painful! (maybe it's just me and heels...) haha

  2. sorry i missed you during the weekend but good luck on your move / road trip. btw, did you get my books?

  3. I like the design of your top and think happy thoughts :)

  4. I adore this outfit! You look amazing in this silhouette. I love the skirt and that top is so pretty.

    I think it depends on who is going. If my boss will be attending, I'd prefer a lunch celebration. If it's just co-workers, a happy hour is good.

  5. @ Step - I know! What a bummer! I did get the AJ Jacobs book...thank you!

  6. Hello! Just started following you:) I love the outfit! I just love how it all looks great together, the colors compliment each other and the accessories are perfect. LITTLE PETITE BLOG

  7. I am so in love with your blog. I just found it...somehow.. I don't even know how I got here! but, I really love the concept and you look so fabulous in this color! Now following!

    Hope you'll follow back!
    Ask the Duplex

  8. @little petite blog - welcome and thank you!

    @ Monica - Thanks! Welcome to the blog!


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