Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A week's worth of pencil skirts

Last Wednesday, on day three of black pencil skirts, I realized that was all I had worn last week. So what did I do? Grabbed my fourth and last pencil skirt, ironed it, and wore it on Thursday. It was a mishmash of colors and accompaniments, but I really liked just about every outfit I put together last week.
  • Monday: Tulip
  • Tuesday: Textured
  • Wednesday: Lightweight wool
  • Thursday: Cotton

Do you keep multiples of your go-to item? How do you mix it up?


  1. Love the Thursday color combo, and that top is awesome.

  2. Love this! :)

    I have a cotton dress in four different colors because I love it so much. But um...I don't have many pencil skirts (I'm not counting the ones that come with my suits because...well I'm just not). When are we going shopping? :)

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  3. Multiples of anything are a friend of mine. I have less business clothes, so mainly it's cardigans for me. Or tee shirts. But it's still an awesome idea. Monday has got to be my fav, I love the whole outfit!

  4. The number of black tee shirts I own should be criminal. 14+? Yikes.

    I love how all of these outfits are just subtly different, and how they all work with the particular skirt--shows how every black pencil skirt is not exactly equal! Thanks for doing this...

  5. I have multiple black pants (in different cuts and lengths! I promise!), and so many cardigans it isn't even funny. :)

    I love your outfits! They inspired me to wear my black pencil skirt last week. :)

  6. @ Cynthia - Thanks! Red and green are my fave colors.

    @ Melissa - I think your suit skirts count. :)

    @ Sam - I'm exactly the same with tees and tanks. When it works, it works!

    @ BiblioMomia - WOW! Well, black tops ARE versatile. :) Black skirts definitely aren't all created equal...they each have their own personality and place.

    @ Caroline - Nice! I have two pairs of black pants (different cuts and fabrics). It's hard to go wrong with those basics!

  7. gorgeous monday outfit, it helps forget monday blues and i love the combination of your tuesday outfit!



  8. Stumbled across your website! I love all of your outfits! You make it look so easy to get dressed in the morning.

    Do you have any advice for a new graduate student, looking to start school with a new wardrobe? I am unfortunately not blessed with your great sense of fashion and find it extremely difficult to put an outfit together without having a panic attack! :) I like the look of the pencil skirt and own a few that I pair up with some frilly tops from The Limited...but that's about it. I have some cute A-line (?) cotton skirts but nothing to pair them with...

    and shoes! I am 5'4'' and really want to start wearing some low heels/pumps when I get back to school. I can't really do that where I work now, because it is a safety precaution, but maybe you have a suggestion as to where to start?

    I will continue to visit your website for ideas! :)

  9. @ gmv - Thank you and welcome! It sounds like you have some good basics (pencil skirts and detailed tops), and I would recommend some simpler tops and blazers, which will work with all shapes of skirts. Belts, scarves, and necklaces are also great to accessorize outfits and make a simple combination pop.

    Lower heels are a great place to start if you're not used to heels...I would recommend starting with closed toe pumps with stacked heels and a roundish or almond toe box, in black and maybe a color. I like shopping online (piperlime, shoebuy, endless, zappos--anything with free shipping AND returns) and just trying things out.

    If you have any other questions (or anything specific you'd like help with) just let me know! Good luck!

  10. Oops, I also meant to say trousers are a great staple, although they can be harder to shop for than skirts. I'd look for something that falls straight from your hip to the floor with a mid-rise waist. At 5'4 (same height as me!) I'd caution against cuffed pants, as they can make your legs look cut off.

  11. Hi, thank you! I think I will email you with some more fashion questions, if that is alright. :) I have always felt overwhelmed with choosing what to wear. I have some great friends who have helped me out, but in the end, I feel like I'm trying too hard or that the style they chose doesn't work for me after all. I change my mind a lot! So, I'm looking for a comfortable style that works for me for more than just a few weeks.

    I will start with the shoes this week!


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