Friday, June 3, 2011

Executive Summary | Links for your weekend | 06.03.11

I brought in my bouquet from last weekend's wedding to brighten up my cube. Peonies and orchids, oh my!

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a great short week. It's been super-quiet at work lately, I'm not quite sure why. I'm liking it, though, and using it to get caught up on some writing for the mag. Reminds me of my grad school days when that was all I ever did was get caught up on writing articles.  Ah, that's the life.

It's been a great week out in are some of my fave reads in the past week or so.

Style and fashion
Career and office
After hours
Blogging bits
What good reads did you find this week?


  1. oh my gosh, thanks so much for the mention! I appreciate it (also , I really want to make that chevron soap dispenser...)

  2. Thanks for the mention, Angeline :) Glad you're enjoying the short week and catching up on the blogs, you've got some great reads this week!

  3. I'm new to your site and am loving what I see. Your blogs are very insightful. Do you have advice for how a pencil skirt should fit, especially in the waist/hips (how do you know how high or low the pencil skirt is meant to sit, or does it depend on your body type?) and down by your thighs/"crotch" area? My pencil skirts fit ok on my hips, but I'm worried they are too tight below that... I can't find anything about that online.

  4. @anonymous re: pencil skirts: I generally wear my pencil skirts at my natural waist, instead of an inch or two below my belly button (I have a really long torso, so it's not "low-rider" for my pants/skirts to hit below the belly button). My test for tightness is to walk the length of the dressing room, and make sure that the skirt is not riding up. Also, pencil skirts should not "hug" the underside of the curve of your behind, but fall straight down from the top of the curve. For tightness below the hips, I generally think you should be able to take close to normal-length strides. You shouldn't feel like your legs are taped together at the knees, or that you have to take super tiny steps while wearing the skirt.
    Hope this helps, enjoy the skirts!

  5. Aw! Thanks for including me in your "Executive Summary" links! You're the best.

  6. Hope you have a great weekend! Gorgeous photo!

  7. @ ashley - You're welcome! Seriously, I've looked at that post so much lately. (your outfit, not the soap dispenser)

    @ ashley - You're welcome!

    @ anonymous - Welcome! Great topic...I like Ashley's response, and will try to get a post on fit up soon! I love pencil skirts. :)

    @ ashley - good advice!

    @ erin - you're welcome. you ain't to shabby yourself. :)

    @ Classy Career Girl - Thanks! I love flowers (cut ones, I'm not a fan of dirt)

  8. @ashley - Thank you for the pencil skirt tips. I just bought some new ones online and they do feel just a little tight in the legs, but I haven't cut the strings at the bottom yet. I don't know if that will help a little. The back of the skirts don't exactly fall straight down from the curve, and do kind of seem to "hug" but I wonder if after I cut it, that will help a little. Are you allowed to cut those strings even if you might return it?

  9. Cutting the strings should help a little, but just in the movement. If it's tight higher than the slit but the waist still fits, it may not be cut right for your body shape. It usually happens to me after about 6 months (from washes, etc.).


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