Friday, June 10, 2011

You the Professional: Workplace hair-dos

While I do like to try out different things myself, hair is one of those things that is harder (sometimes my hair just isn't long enough to try out styles I'd like to). So I'm happy to present some great office-appropriate hair-dos from some of my favorite bloggers!

Down or mostly down
Liz of 26 and Counting and Lindsay of Cubicle Chic

Kendi of Kendi Everyday (photo by Bryan Skeen) and Lindsay of Cubicle Chic

Colleen of Scrap and Run, Meredith of Cubicle Chic, and Suze of Miss Vinyl Ahoy (tutorial)

And an oldie, but goodie: The long and short of it all. My hair throughout 2010.

Have you tried any of these styles? Which ones are your faves?


  1. Thanks for the feature, Angeline! I must say - I'm a fan of Suze's updo!

    - Meredith

  2. Love the feature, Angeline - thanks! I wish I could pull off bangs like Kendi, Liz and Meredith - I think they add a more "corporate" pulled together feel to daytime hairstyles.

  3. Great post! I mix in all of the above (except bangs). In general I love wearing my hair down, but for meetings I prefer ponytails and half up. These styles prevent any unnecessary fussing and flipping.

  4. Oh, I love Lindsay's long braid. I've been growing my hair out, but at my age it seems to grow more slowly.

  5. I loved seeing this, especially because I also have a hard time dealing with hair. I usually stick with my hair down, flat ironed with my bangs straight across. I want to learn to add some more volume around my crown for a pulled-together office ponytail, this is my current hair-dream.

    I really like Meredith's bun. So simple and effortless yet so pulled together

  6. I love all the up-do, Suze's especially, but I lack skill(and time in the morning) to recreate it.
    I usually wear my hair down or in a ponytail.Not the most creative, but fast, effective and allows me to show off my earrings :)

  7. @ Meredith - I just love Suze's hair, too!

    @ Lindsay - Bangs are hard...I wish mine were more manageable.

    @ Cynthia - I'm more of a down or ponytail girl. I've been trying to try more stuff.

    @ Sorren - My hair is similar to yours...very straight, not a lot of volume. I've tried teasing, but I'm considering a bump-it.

    @ Annathea - I'm also at a loss in the mornings. I think a ponytail is a great workplace hairstyle. Have you seen Suze's how-to video for the buns? Looks super easy (my hair is a little on the short side to try, though).

  8. my hairstyle depends majorly on the seasons!!.. taking into fact that i love to experiment with my hair....
    so sometimes its tied up sometimes a jazzy hairstyle kept open and sometimes its a classic hairstyle kept open or tied!!!

  9. @ shooting star - That sounds awesome! I love your fearless experimentation.


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