Thursday, April 28, 2011

Speed shopping

sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional blog business casual banana republic factory skirt loft tank hm cardigan target mossimo heels
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional blog business casual banana republic factory skirt loft tank hm cardigan target mossimo heels
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional blog business casual banana republic factory skirt loft tank hm cardigan
H&M Cardigan - 2009 - $30 (similar) / LOFT tank - 2010 - gift (similar) / BR Factory skirt - 2011 - $20 on sale (similar) / Mossimo pumps via Target - 2010 - $10 (similar) / AE outlet necklace - 2011 - $4 on sale (similar)

So remember the Saturday full of shopping I had planned this weekend? Well, it was quite the success! I headed to the outlets first thing in the morning (they open at 10 and I was in BR by 10:10) and in 1.5 hours I visited 6 stores, including 2 dressing rooms. I'm telling you--I'm fast. I go by my rules, and if there's nothing in a store that I need at a price I'm willing to pay, I'm outta there.

My favorite purchase by far was this skirt from the Banana Republic Factory Store. I mean, how much prettier can it get? It's got a gorgeous print, has a paper-bag-like waist (without being too trendy), is fully lined, and the fabric is so soft and isn't too wrinkle-prone (just a few made it through the day). It was one of only two in the store and the only one in my size. And all for $20 after the 50% off sale and my 15% off coupon. Alas, it is one of those items made just for the outlet, but I wish I could link you all to it.

I also made out like a bandit at the swap. My fave find: a fancy Anna Sui tulle and embroidered skirt. I don't know where I'll wear it, but I'll find a way.

What worked
The skirt! The skirt! The skirt! Can you tell I love this skirt? This color combo is pretty unusual for me, what with its pastels and softness. I'm more of a primary, saturated color person. I've also come to a peaceful existence with these heels. I wouldn't say they're comfortable, but they're certainly not painful anymore.

What didn't
I wasn't so thrilled with the top half of this outfit, but I wanted to keep it simple and let the skirt really shine. This tank is really a little skimpy for the office, and I was actually adjusting it all day long. Not a good sign. Thinking this is going into the weekend pile (or for layering under more covered items) in the future.

Do you shop the outlets? What tips do you have for getting through them quickly?


  1. ah! you're obsessed with that skirt for a good reason - it's adorable! I'd love to see it paired with some shade of blue!

  2. The skirt was DEFINITELY a great find. So lovely.

  3. We love love love your skirt! The color combination's are endless!

    Check us out!


  4. Oh I love the skirt too !
    It was the first thing that caught my attention.
    I have shopped at outlet malls. It's crazy.
    I am sorry to say I have no tips to offer on how to go thrOugh them quickly, but why would you ?!

  5. That skirt is AMAZING! I want it!

  6. I love the skirt too!! It looks AMAZING on you!

  7. Ahhh! while the print is so pretty on you! and I'm loving the waist detail. I think this would look really cute with a flowy top tucked in (the pinky color of the tank is perfect, but if it's not really work-appropriate then maybe a different top) The cardigan covered too much of the pretty waist detailing!!

    The BR factory store has got to be my favorite place to shop. They always have great sales and coupons (30% off this weekend!!!) and I'm happy there's a store 20 min away. While the quality isn't as great as the regular BR, it's still a lot better than most regular places I shop (Target, F21, etc.) and the styles are always classic and not too trendy, but very stylish and easy to wear. I just need to be able to find time to go!

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    Thanks a lot!!
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    Alice Dias!!!

  9. I love this skirt! That was such an awesome find, and BR is really good quality.
    My Heart Blogged

  10. Wow, gorgeous skirt! You did great... though I had no clue that BR makes items just for their factory outlets! I should scope out the one closest to me... ;)

  11. I love that skirt! That is a fabulous print :) And I am in awe of your shopping skills :)

    small time style

  12. @ashley - great idea! I *think* I have a blue top somewhere. :)

    @sal - thanks, hon!

    @kipitok - I know, right? Definitely a lot of options.

    @colleen - me too!

    @lorena - I'm an impatient shopper, so fast shopping works for me. :) It was definitely emptier in the morning, though! No waits for any dressing rooms or even at the register.

    @kinsey - thank you!

    @elaine - thanks!

    @kimmie - me too! I do agree that a lot of it is lesser quality than the real store (especially the pants), but I look for the quality. I've stopped buying un-lined dress pants, but really liked the weight and feel of the skirt (that's usually how I judge quality). I could probably fill my closet w/ BR Factory stuff, though (if I could afford it).

    @Alice - thanks for visiting!

    @my heart blogged - thanks!

    @nicole - not just BR--gap, j.crew, and I think a lot of other stores do, too. Some of the items (like pants) are slightly lower quality, hence the cheaper price (for example, I don't think any of the pants at the BR outlet are lined), but for items like tops, skirts, and dresses, the quality can be almost comparable to the retail version. And I've noticed the fit is sometimes different, too--J crew retail sizes don't fit me well at all, but their outlet sizes do. Weird stuff.

    @lauren - thanks! I am pretty proud of my shopping skills, too. :) (oh, and modest. :P)

  13. That skirt is lovely! Good job on speed shopping too! I am terrible at speed shopping unless it is for someone else, or if there is something very specific I am looking for. I guess I need to make a better list.


  14. @ the nyazi report - thank you!

    @ Rochelle - I don't go with a set list, but I do have an idea of what I need/don't need. There is definitely room for impulse purchases, though, but only if they're cheap enough. Most of my shopping is based on price :)

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