Friday, April 15, 2011

Won't you be my neighbor?

LOFT cardigan - 2010 - gift (similar) / J.Crew blouse - 2009 - $20 (similar) / Merona trouser pants via Target - 2011 - $18 (similar) / Enzo Angiolini Maylie pumps via Nordstrom - 2007 - $70 (similar) / Banana Republic necklace - 2010 - $12 (similar) / Vintage braided belt - 2010 - $7 (similar) got cold again! I really love this sweater, but struggle to wear it since it's so loose. I've been in a flowy mood lately, so I went with the trouser jeans anyway, but I think the tucking and belting helped. I wonder what it would have looked like if I hadn't tucked but just belted the shirt like a tunic? Hmm....ideas, ideas.

What worked
I love the color of the shirt, which helped break up all the neutrals. I also liked how the necklace peeked out, although it is actually a little lower (see full-length photos for how it looked most of the day).

What didn't
Ehh...something about this outfit feels a little off. It also looks a bit old and frumpy. There's something very Mr. Roger's about it. Maybe skinny jeans next time?

How do you keep yourself from looking frumptastic? Suggestions for what you can do before you leave the house would be great (as opposed to when you take photos 12 hours later).


  1. That color coral is gorgeous on you! I like this outfit, and you look so happy in these pics. Love your genuine smile!

  2. I don't think you look frumpy! But I do agree that skinny jeans might lessen the bulk.

  3. Maybe a belt over the sweater or a statement necklace to draw the eye up?

  4. The top is so pretty, and I really like the necklace too.
    My Heart Blogged

  5. Ha, at one point this winter, i pondered doing a post on my collection of Mr(s). Rodgers sweaters, which have NEVER been pictured on my blog. They are too comfy to look good.

  6. @elissa - thanks! it's one of the few really colorful items in my closet. I think I was pretty nervous here. :)

    @rachel - thanks. :)

    @elaine - yeah, a belted sweater would probably help streamline a lot. thanks for the suggestion!

    @myheartblogged - thank you!

    @terri - lol. I have a few, too, that have never made it. You just gotta!


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