Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blurry print

office fashion blogger sacramento angeline evans the new professional style and co shirt dress macys enzo angiolini pumps piperlime vintage braided belt
office fashion blogger sacramento angeline evans the new professional style and co shirt dress macys enzo angiolini pumps piperlime vintage braided belt
office fashion blogger sacramento angeline evans the new professional style and co shirt dress macys
Style & Co. shirtdress via Macy's - 2011 - $26 on sale (available) / Enzo Angiolini Siobhan pumps via Piperlime - 2010 - $35 on sale (available) / Vintage braided leather belt via Bows and Arrows - 2010 - $7 (similar) / Ballchain necklace (similar)

I was in a rush to get these pics last week after getting home late and before going to book club (which was before packing for vacation). This shirtdress was officially my first clothing purchase after the shopping diet. It basically embodies what I want for my professional dress: modest cut, not too tight, colorful, and printed (in a non-annoying way). So fun. And after reading S.'s post on built-in belts at Academichic, I pulled out the matching belt on this dress and tied on my own.

The second picture above is super-awkward, but it was the only other full-length pic I got. The dude you see in the background works at the restaurant in front of my apartment, and I walk by him on my way in from my car all the time. So it was super-awkward to see him while taking pics. Oh well.

What worked
A dress like this basically stands on its own. I left it simple with the nude pumps, but will probably try black or gray shoes next time.

What didn't
Oh my gosh, my legs are pale. Time to bust out the gradual tan lotion.

What is your most awkward picture-taking moment?


  1. Love this dress! I just bought it. Thanks for the find.

  2. the dress is nice and the print is unusual

  3. LOVE this dress! It definitely has so many good things going for it (the first one being the amazing print, gives it such an edge!). I'm on a shopping ban of my own (since I've become a freelancer and my income is now more, hum, sporadic!). I love the last post about shopping cheap, I apply a few of these techniques already and learned a few new ones :)

    It totally IS awkward to see people you know while taking pics, since I live in a small city and do a lot of PR for my work I kind of know everyone and decided to embrace it and get them into it... Now most of them admit to reading the blog, ha ha !


  4. I just bought a shirt dress in a similar style (but solid color) and while trying it on at home to see what it looked like with some of my accessories I sat down and noticed all of the gaps from my waist down between the buttons! Any advice on what to do? It looks great when I am standing! :)

  5. That dress is absolutely amazing on you, doll. Perfect fit, amazing pattern, all-around fabulousness.

  6. I am loving prints like these lately. Bright but subtle. And the cut of the dress is wonderful on you! So cute. Your perfect work dress description matches mine, but I haven't found a dress like that yet!


  7. Gorgeous dress! What an adorable print, it looks wonderful on you. Lovin' the belt, too - helps to "break" things up!

    Pretty Young Professional

  8. If your legs are pale I'm screwed. I really love the dress on you, it's an awesome print, and fit.
    My Heart Blogged

  9. @anonymous - oo glad you got it! it's cheaper now than when I bought it. :)

    @shooting star - isn't it cool? i usually don't get prints, but I really like this one.

    @virginie's cinema - how great that you've embraced it! I'm not super-connected in my town (it's a college town and I commute out for work). The same guy walked by again today. Ugh!

    @elizabeth - A slip! For a dress like this, I recommend a full-one (looks like a strappy dress), so it will help on the upper part, too. If that doesn't help, try fashion tape between the buttons.

    @Sal - thanks, friend!

    @sam - I know...it's really hard! I'm glad I found this one.

    @PYPro - thanks! I do love the belt with the dress.

    @ my heart blogged - it's all relative...since I've had an office job I've felt myself getting paler and paler. it's not a bad thing, but you can definitely see a major difference between my arms and legs!

  10. Man, why does it have to be so awkward to take pictures of yourself?! It feels so normal when you are in blog world, but you step outside and start taking pictures of yourself and people look at you like your crazy and self indulgent. That's why 98% of mine are done in the backyard... hahah!

  11. wow, what a gorgeous dress!! i am in love with this pattern and you wear it beautifully!

    cute & little

  12. @Nikki - I KNOW, right? I actually have my husband doing it, but somehow that doesn't help at all. We take pics in the alley, but every once in a while it gets busy there.

    @kileen - thanks!

  13. Cute dress! I love the print

  14. Love this dress! I'm looking forward to warmer weather so I can wear bare legs.

    I used to take outfit photos in my living room (with large, front-facing windows) and more than once my neighbour spotted me while he was walking to his car. I'm sure he had no idea what I was doing and thought it was totally weird haha.

  15. @grace - thanks!

    @amelia - it's always harder than I think to see through a window from the outside, but you never know!

  16. how did i miss this post? love the shirtdress-style, and the print is wonderful. ambient brushstrokes of color. the nude pumps are perfect!

    Re: the gradual tan lotion.

    i think i used the Neutrogena one in preparation for your wedding. :) it did work, but i wasn't loving the smell or feel of the lotion. i suggest a natural tan. try sitting outside in shorts/sandals to blog! and be sure to wear SPF. :)

  17. @annie - I dunno! I think I have the target generic brand (like I have for everything). It doesn't really smell at all. I'm sure I will have plenty of opportunities to lay out in the sun this summer, too!

  18. Fab dress !!!!
    I am going to the link-

  19. Oh i forgot to mention ackward moments.... well mostly when i am trying to take outdoor pictures and the security guard sees me or the constructions workers....

  20. @Lorena - oo yeah, outdoor pictures can get pretty awkward.

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