Friday, April 1, 2011

Executive Summary | Links for your weekend | 04.01.11

A pic of the city from the guide in our hotel room. I know it's cheesy, but it's really hard to get a good pic of the skyline from inside it, and I haven't gone to any landmarks yet on this trip.

Happy April Fools? Did anyone play a prank at the office today? I've always wanted to pull an office prank, since I've only done a few small things.
  • We labeled everything on my boss's side of the office in French using the label-maker (computer, chair, desk, phone, etc.). We labeled her office-mate's side of the office in Spanish.
  • I gift-wrapped my boss's office door for Christmas, complete with a bow and tag from Santa.
Instead of planning any office pranks, I'm on vacation. So while I'm hitting up the shops with my cousins here in Chicago, I'll leave you with some links!

Style and fashion
Career and office
After hours
And of course, the 10 greatest office pranks, from

Are you a prankster? Any sure-fire winners I should try?


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