Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wear and Wear Again | Cowl neck shell

It's time to play how-many-times-has-Angeline-worn-the-same-item again! Like last time, this item is a top. I would ask you to guess which one it is, but the post title sort of gives it away.

Much like the ruffle neck, the cowl neck is a closet staple of mine. In addition to this blue shell, I have a cream-colored sleeveless cowl and a black cowl-neck sweater. This simple drape adds a touch of elegance to the most basic of shapes.

Out of the cowl-necks I own, my dark blue Ann Taylor cowl-neck is my favorite. Purchased in 2008 for about $20, it is a silk-nylon-rayon-spandex blend that's dry-clean only. But it's worth it. Three years of wearing this pretty regularly and it's held its shape and quality very nicely.

Notes on cowls:
  • Make sure it doesn't go too low, or that it has some structure on the main shirt area that keeps it from getting too droopy. You don't want to flash anyone.
  • Thicker fabric will keep your cowl drape falling nicely and help prevent scrunchy wrinkles (because it would be awkward to try ironing a cowl).
  • Don't be afraid to wear a necklace with a cowl-neck. It's perfect for showcasing a great piece of jewelry!

Here are some ways I've featured this top on my blog:

What's your favorite way to style a cowl-neck top?


  1. I love the way you styled it with the white skirt! My favorite way is to slap on a penic skirt with it!

  2. Love that look from July 2010--the white is great on you!

  3. Very versatile.. lookin' good!

  4. I love that cowl neck. I think you styled it well. I usually let mine be the star of the show, and don't wear it with a jacket or anything. My cowl neck top is long sleeve though.
    My Heart Blogged

  5. It's always great when you can remix a top over and over again. I love the july photo as well, but I think each style iteration has it's own personality and it has a different feel to it. =)

  6. @kinsey - me too! it's a never-fail combo.

    @jessica - thanks!

    @nikki - Thanks, girl.

    @my heart blogged - I like your cowl top! (the light blue one, right?) I think I need to branch out in terms of color.

    @stylepint - yes...I had another from the July 30 for 30 with shorts, but it's not really office-y so I didn't post it here.

  7. Actually, I'm not a fan of cowl necks... I'm pretty well-endowed to begin with, so I don't like too much extra bulk on my chest lol! I'm also particular about the placement of ruffles on shirts.

  8. @nicole - That is a good point--cowls and ruffles are definitely more challenging for larger chests!

  9. I think you have done a great job wearing this top / i like it best with the whit eskirt.

  10. @lorena - Thank you! That seems to be the most popular of all the above outfits. :)


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