Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tried and true

As I mentioned yesterday in my packing post, I didn't end up wearing everything that I packed. While I try to keep my day-to-day wardrobe fresh, for a conference I like to keep things easy by using some tried and true combos, with a slight twist.

This conference had a business casual dress code, which is the same as my usual. And having gone to another conference put on by the same organization before, I knew jeans would be a no go (except for Friday). Knowing is half the battle.

 Day 1
   Swapped in Mossimo heels

Day 2
    Swapped in J.Crew belt

Day 3
   Swapped in BR blazer 

Are you adventurous with your conference wear or do you play it safe away from home?


  1. Love all three outfits! I tend to stick to tried and true outfits when I'm out of town too. What if I hate it when I put it on and my closet isn't there to back me up?! :)

  2. For travel, I wear combinations I've done before and things I've worn recently (I'd hate to get there and have the pants I brought really be 2 sizes too small because I gained a few lbs since I wore them last.) Also combinations I'm scared of so I stick with what I know. What if a and b go together in theory but not on? I'd hate to be stuck. I also do the same sort of thought process when packing my clothes if I go to the gym in the morning. Sometimes I wing it and I'm pretty much scared until I get dressed.

  3. I love the GI Joe reference. Brings me back. The outfits look great - I tend to stick with my "uniform" when I'm out of town, a cardigan with a tank or t-shirt and swap in jeans or pants. I like not having to fuss when I'm out of town.

  4. I'm probably more adventurous while traveling, because I plan each outfit. So exciting that you're doing a packing/conference feature right now too--I'm running one this week as well! I can't wait to see the difference between "professional" conference attire and my "academic" conference attire. Stop by if you have a sec--I'd love your input.

  5. I rely on time-tested pieces for travel, *especially* business travel. On travel-for-fun, I don't want to spend time fussing w/my clothes - I usually have a packed schedule of things to see, places to go, & I'm probably hopping from one town to the next every couple of nights.

    For biz travel, well, I want to impress! Most trips recently, I'm presenting, so I carefully plan in advance what to wear in front of a crowd.

  6. I'm not adventurous! Last year at my spring conference I deliberately packed some version of the best professional outfits I'd assembled on my blog to date. This year I'll probably do something similar, since at the conference I don't want to run the risk of some outfit not working out and distracting me all day.

  7. I usually err on the side of caution and go more business, and less casual. I would generally always wear a skirt or dress, and if not a blazer then at least a button-down shirt or a very dressy looking cardigan. I actually pack pretty lightly at this point -- I guess after all of these years I am getting it down to a science!

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  8. @jessica - yes! I think that's why I play it safe, too.

    @colleen - oo I can't imagine having to pick out in advance in the morning before work. I go through so many outfit combos it's sad.

    @liz - yes, it's definitely less stressful to plan outfits when traveling. plus, it cuts down on the extra clothes.

    @bibliomomia - I will! Funny--it must be conference season. Sorren from Classic Noise also did a packing post this week.

    @trystan - I'm with you...when I'm busy with travel, I often put less thought into my clothes. I've got other things to do! When presenting, I definitely bring nicer clothes.

    @an engineer's closet - that's sort of what I did, but in a not-so-organized fashion. :)

    @i try stuff on - Packing light is definitely my preference, too! Although I do try to avoid packing too many things that need ironing (good thing hotel rooms have irons, though)

  9. I have been traveling for work for over 5 years now. I pack exactly what i need.
    I use it all, except the extra underwear I always pack.
    I do not take risks. I know exactly what I am going there for.

  10. @Lorena - I rarely end up using the extra clothes I bring, but I do like to bring one or two extra options just in case I change my mind.


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