Friday, April 22, 2011

Executive Summary | Links for your weekend | 04.22.11

The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa, where we went for my college roommate's bachelorette party last weekend. We got massages as the spa, lounged by the pool, enjoyed amazing food (and cupcakes), and all around just chilled with our senior year apartment mates (the first time we'd done so since college, minus my wedding). Beautiful.

Weekend! (Almost.) This weekend is going to be awesome for four reasons:
  • Swap Asana. I have several bags of clothes to get rid of...and hopefully someone is bringing good clothes for me, too!
  • Citizens of Rosebud. If you know Bella, you love her. I can't wait to see her vintage finds. She's open every Friday and Saturday from 12-6 this month.
  • Banana Republic and Ann Taylor factory store sales. And the outlets are just as far from me as the malls.
  • And last, but definitely not least, it's EASTER!!! My favorite holiday of the year. We're hosting Easter for a bunch of friends this year, and I'm super-excited.
So while I'm off having a grrreat weekend, I hope you enjoy these links (or have your own great weekend--these links will still be here when you get back).

Fashion and style

Career and office
After hours
What are your weekend plans?


    1. well, its holidays here too but since we are hindus, it just means an extra day off and a three day weekend!!
      lots of cultural events going on in the city so lets see where we go to!!
      for today, it was mostly housecleaning and lazing around for both me and the husband..
      happy easter to you!!

    2. Excitement... I made your links for the weekend. Making someone's summary links was my goal. Now I need a new one.

    3. Oooh! I think this is the first time I've ever made someone's links too. :) Thanks!!!

    4. Thank you for the link! Gonna check out the rest of them tonight. ;)

    5. @shooting star - oh and 3-day weekend sounds great! We don't get any days off for Easter. :(

      @Colleen - Yay! Glad to help you reach your goal. :)

      @melissa - Yay! I totally loved that post.

      @alterations needed - you're welcome!

    6. I'm so excited to appear in one of your executive summary! Thanks so much :)


    7. @virginie - you're so welcome!


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