Friday, April 8, 2011

Best laid plans

Three dots cardigan via Anthropologie - 2010 - gift (similar) / Worthington ruffled blouse - Linley's (similar) / BR Factory trousers - 2009 - $12 on sale (similar) / Nina Paladin pumps via Ross - 2009 - $16 on sale (similar) / J.Crew belt - 2011 - $10 on sale (available) / Premier Designs faux pearl strand - 2010 - free with purchase (similar) / Forever 21 leaf necklace - 2010 - $5 (similar)

The last photo above is what I was planning on wearing. The top photo is what I actually wore.
So...I have a new word of advice for y'all. When choosing outerwear in the spring (or fall, or any other month where you'll be in air conditioning), consider the fact that you may not get to take your outerwear off at any point during the day. Otherwise you'll end up like me with a mish-mash of pinks and purples. Not a terrible look, I'll confess, but it wasn't what I had in mind.

What worked
I'm in love with belting a looser top for a nice relaxed silhouette. These pants are getting a bit tight at the waist, but the muffin top is safe behind the untucked shirt, and the belt keeps it from looking messy. And you know I love ruffles.

What didn't
Not sure how I like the flowy cardigan with the rest of the outfit. Like I said, I didn't intend to wear it this way. It did feel comfy, though! I also couldn't figure out the between the girls or on the outside?

Do you work your outerwear into your outfit or is it an afterthought?

Btw, this belt is a good example of what I'm talking about in my in-store tip on this week's shopping post. It's still $24.50 online, but I got it for $9.99 last week in store. The Gap top in my Facebook outfit this week is also a good example...I bought it 2 weeks ago in store for $13.99 and it's currently online for $29.99.


  1. I always have to incorporate outerwear. On days like today when the AC is on instead of heat it becomes very necessary. Love the purple blouse, the color is so bright.

    And as for your tip, unfortunately online usually is cheaper for me. Shipping rates and conversions still make it expensive!

  2. My office is like 10 degrees colder than it is outside, so I am always wearing a cardigan or jacket not in my outfit pics. Also, I love the belt over the ruffles! I usually shy away from doing that (not sure why) but I love how it looks!

    Between the ladies.

    North Meets South

  3. Cute look! I love the mix of pinks/purples - I can never seem to combine those properly.

    Btw, I really enjoy your blog, so I just nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award (see here: ) . Thanks for the fun posts!

  4. Sometimes outfits turn out for the better when things don't go according to plan! I think you look really pretty here, those colors are great.

  5. Also note the pricing can be the opposite.
    I bought a green belt and immediately looked it up online to post about it and ti was $5 cheaper online. (

  6. i think i actually like the outfit better with the cardigan!

    i always account for outerwear/layers in all of my outfits because i'm perpetually cold. i always account for the possibility of the outerwear not coming off!

  7. ooh, i loooove tuxedo front shirts! and belting it is a good idea. all those ruffles in the belly area can sometimes make you look preggers. :(

  8. That happens to me all too often. I end up keeping an outerwear scarf on all day whether it works with my top or not!
    I think your colors all work so nicely together, even if you didn't mean them to be together all day. And the belt is perfect!

  9. If I know I am taking off my jacket I don't put as much thought into it. But, I really only have a few jackets.
    My Heart Blogged

  10. i heart ruffles, too! super cute. :) i love how you incorporate so many diff colors and prints/patterns. i need help with that!

  11. @sam - ah, yes. I don't really have any experience with any of those (I avoid shipping costs like the kills me every time I pay those).

    @shooting star - thanks!

    @erica - mine, too! it's really annoying because on the other side of the office it's way warmer. So i just look for excuses to walk to that side when I'm freezing to badly on my side.

    @ohsaycanyousay - oh my, thank you! i'll have to go check it out!

    @kinsay - thanks! I guess there were plenty of worse options...this one wasn't quite what I'd planned but it wasn't that bad.

    @colleen - bummer! what about after shipping, though? That's another reason I'd make sure a purchase is returnable...if it's cheaper online (after shipping) I'd totally buy it there and then return the original one in-store. I'm a cheap-o like that. :)

    @withacapitalz - thanks! i guess I ended up liking it, too, by the end of the day (the comfort factor definitely helped.

    @stephanie - for real! actually, even with the belt I felt I looked a little preggers (not to be confused with feeling a little preggers--I don't feel that at all :P)

    @linda - thanks! it's so funny..>I'm not typically a pinks girl, but these colors are so girly.

    @my heart blogged - yeah, I had expected I could take off my jacket (it was about 75 degrees the day before this). I should know better by now--our weather is totally bipolar.

    @t - it's a learning process! i'm still just barely getting the hang of it.

  12. I can't remember about shipping. Sometimes places have deals or spend x amount and it's free. But also I never return anything. (well I rarely return anything. I have returned a couple things over throughout my life.)

  13. I actually really love that rose and purple color combination, especially with the brown/orange belt. It's surprising but it looks really nice.

    As for the necklaces, I usually shoot for in between, but they sadly rarely stay put. Sigh.

  14. I really like your outfit, including the loose cardigan- makes it looks so effortless, like "I accidentally woke up this adorable," which I presume you did. I love the mix of violets and pinks, a wonderful hue mix for spring.

  15. that top looks great on you! (: and i love the color combo of the different purples!

  16. @ colleen - true. I rarely spend that much online, though.

    @ an engineer's closet - I know...I wish there were a way to keep necklaces in their place. My clasps always end up in front, too.

    @ bella - looks like i got you fooled. :P

    @ linley - thanks!

  17. I love your shell! (I find that I usually wear mine under high-waisted skirts). Nevertheless, If I belted it like you have, it wouldn't look as billowy and unflattering with pants. I'm gonna steal this idea, thanks.

  18. Angeline, I love this look on you! I've been really struggling with wearing longer cardigans lately, as a fellow petite gal, but I really like what you've done here -- it looks so effortless and chic!

  19. @fromsunstomoons - I thought about doing the high-waisted pencil, but I do that too often and wanted to try something new. Can't wait to see how you work it!

    @s - thank you! I hear you...long cardis can feel frumpy but they are soooo comfortable I just can't resist. I have another long cardi outfit coming this week, too. :)


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