Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Black and white clown

sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional business casual old navy ruffle gap limited skirt steve madden mary janes hue herringbone tights jcrew belt
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional business casual old navy ruffle gap limited skirt steve madden mary janes hue herringbone tights jcrew belt
Old Navy ruffled top - Linley's (similar) / Gap outlet sweater - 2008 - $20 (similar) / The Limited tulip skirt - 2009 - $20 (similar) / Hue herringbone tights via Macy's - 2010 - $10 (similar) / Steve Madden mary janes - 2003 or 2004 - $20 (similar) / J. Crew outlet belt - 2011 - $5 (similar) / BR Factory knot necklace - 2010 - $10 (similar)

I have to say, I felt fabulous in this outfit. I wanted to style Linley's ruffled top a little differently than I had before, so I paired it with a skirt. Except for the fact that Sacramento apparently decided it should be winter again. So on came the sweater and tights. It actually hailed (almost looked like snow) in Fairfield (about 45 minutes away) this day. Spring is a freakin' tease.

I also decided to tie the neck-ties of the top together this time. I left them open last time, but the strings looked messy hanging down over the sweater, so I tried tying them. Not too shabby, but now that I look at it, it does look a little like a clown collar. Oh well.

What worked
I loved the subtle mixed prints here. Sure, it's only a toe in the water (keeping the same color scheme in prints that aren't even touching each other), but it's a start.

What didn't
The tie neck turned out a little awkward due to the v-neck being higher than the ruffles. Here is what it is supposed to look like tied. Pretty big difference.

Is it spring yet in your area? Please tell me some nice warm stories.


  1. I don't think the tied top looks strange at all! Very cute Angeline! That top of Linley's is definitely a winner.

  2. i agree with Liz - i don't think it looks strange. i like the polka-dot ruffles popping out! and i love the pattern mixing you have going on here - subtle. i must remember this!

  3. I have to agree- the top tied looks really cute! I love the added texture the tights bring to the outfit. Nice styling!

  4. I didn't think it looked strange either - in fact I wouldn't have even noticed if you hadn't said anything!

    I am in love with those tights and shoes.

  5. I love this outfit. The pop of polka dot is so cute.
    My Heart Blogged

  6. Wow. I love this outfit! The ruffles and monochrome look are perfect! And the tights are too cool.

    Complex Cardigans

  7. @liz - thanks! I think I weird myself out by looking at it too much sometimes.

    @linley - thanks! still just dipping my toes into the pattern-mixing-pool.

    @laura - thank you! these are my favorite tights.

    @sorren - thanks, girl. These are some of my oldest pairs of shoes. I got them back in college!

    @my heart blogged - I KNOW, right? I might need to get some polka dots on my own (sending Linley's back this week...::tear::)

    @jenn - thanks!

  8. Love love love the look, Angeline!

  9. I have this top too, and absolutely love it. It works so perfectly with neutrals, as you've shown. I typically wear mine with a cardigan and leave the strings untied, but I'm excited to try tying them, now that I've seen this look. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Just came across your blog :)

    Love this outfit so much so that I saved it to reproduce one day. I love the top tied under a v-neck- it looks great.

  11. I don't think it looks clownish at all. And lovin' those chevron print tights!

    It's been 91 degrees here the last 3 days....is that warm enough?

  12. I don't think it looks like a clown collar! You look fabulous, as always. I love the belt and the style of the skirt, too. This is a super chic, professional and stylish outfit!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  13. I am loving the mixed prints, it works perfectly! I agree, Spring is a big tease. I just packed my tights away, may have to pull them out again!!!!

  14. I really like this look! The pattern-mixing adds so much interest! I think it's only subtle mixing in blogger world, but in everyday person world it's pretty different (and awesome :)).

  15. I actually like the "clown" collar - not very clown-like at all, actually :) I really like this outfit... basic colors with elements of interest: the collar, the skirt, your tights, & the belt.

  16. @thisgirlangie - thanks!

    @jamie - it's such a cute top! I'm actually really sad I have to send it back. Will be scouring ebay and smashion for one in the future though. :)

    @mrs. foot - thanks and welcome!

    @rachel - that sounds amazing! I could use some warmth about now.

    @melissa - thanks! I thought of you when I was putting all the prints together...wonder if it would still be too much for your office (the tights probably would).

    @lynn - Seriously! I haven't turned over my closet (err...my one seasonal drawer) for that very reason. I have a few t-shirts mixed in with the sweaters, though.

    @hope - Haha, I know! I still can't mix like the pros.

    @nicole - Thank you!

  17. Two thumbs up for the tulip skirt and polka dots. There is so much visual interest in the outfit!


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