Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Plain white tee

sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans business casual friday the new professional blog agaci blazer merona trouser jeans gap t-shirt enzo angiolini maylie pumps hm leather duffel
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans business casual friday the new professional blog agaci blazer merona trouser jeans gap t-shirt enzo angiolini maylie pumps hm leather duffel
A'gaci blazer - 2011 - $26 (available) / Gap favorite T - 2011 - $6 on sale (available) / Merona trouser jeans via Target - 2011 - $18 on sale (similar) / Enzo Angiolini Maylie pumps via Nordstrom - 2007 - $70 on sale (similar) / H&M leather mini-duffel - 2007 - $45 on sale (similar) / Natural pearls - 2007 - gift (similar)

Finally back at home, which means back to work. I slightly altered my hours at work today so I could get some extra sleep (didn't get home from my weekend trip until 1 a.m.), but even with a little extra sleep, I still wasn't completely up to getting fully dressed. I knew it would be a quiet day (a lot of folks were out of the office), so I pulled out my trusty trouser jeans and plain white tee for comfort.

What worked
This is a perfect Casual Friday outfit (or Casual Monday, as it were).  The blazer and heels help dress up the plain t-shirt. The pearls instead of my usual layered long necklaces is a little more classy (versus the usual boho/rock vibe). Love.

What didn't
My hair is in the weird growing-out stage. I blow-dried it this morning with a round brush, pulling the ends under, but as you can see, they didn't feel like staying there. Trying to wait out the growing period, but I'm thinking a quick trim and shape is in order.

Do you work plain t-shirts into your work wardrobe? How do you style them?

Pardon the pics...forgot my point-and-shoot at home today and had a post-work date night w/ K, so I had him snap these shots on his new smartphone (it has an 8MP camera). Not too shabby, but not as good as the DSLR.


  1. Nice post! glad i found this blog!

    check out mine? I'm a photographer!


    If you want, follow it and I'll do the same.

  2. I really like that blazer! It's super cute and I love it paired with a white tee and trouser jeans. You look so pulled together!

  3. I love that blazer. So cute. I wear plain tees all the time, usually under a cardi or with a scarf. They're a good staple, esp. in this office. I've actually worn them with everything, pencil skirts or under/over dresses, trousers, etc. The cut of the shirt can make them more acceptable too, I've got wide necks that look great under a cardi but crewnecks that are good on their own.

    A little tip for your hair; I don't know if you're growing it out or not, but when mine gets to that length a straightener is my best friend. Blowdrying doesn't smooth the ends enough for me, and they always curl out. A good flick with the straightener can tame any pseudo wavy ends (more like bends) and keep things where they should be.


  4. I love that blazer! I need more pieces like that in my wardrobe. Also, I wear plain tees to work often. Last week I wore a gray one tucked into a skirt. And of course, I wear them under cardigans too or with vests.

  5. Great blazer! I know what that's like, the just overgrown stage of a hair cut... trust me, it's probably more noticable to you than anyone else. I think your hair looks just fine :)

  6. Really cute outfit! And your hair looks good, I dunno what you are talking about. I agree with Sam, a flat iron would probably be your best friend during growing out stages. I just got a new one from Sally's: One & Only Argan Heat Ceramic Straightening Iron:

    And it's on sale right now! I love this flat iron. It's got some weird reviews (one lady says her hair won't curl anymore-weird) but I promise, for the money, this is the best flat iron ever.

  7. Love the blazer & tee combo, it looks so cute on you! I sometimes wear a tee on Fridays when I'm the only one in my office for all but an hour of the day, but always something plain with either a cardigan or a blazer.

  8. Plain black tees are my standard first layer, either short- or long-sleeve, depending on the weather. I wear them all the time under jackets & sweaters.

    I *love* that bag! Great shape & style.

  9. Very cute blazer! It definitely dresses up the shirt. The piping is kind of reminiscent of a Chanel jacket.

    I'm also very jealous of the warmth and greenery behind you. CA must be so much nicer than NYC at this time of year!

  10. I don't wear a lot of white shirts but I always am working plain shirts into my wardrobe. I like they way you dressed yours up with a blazer.
    My Heart Blogged

  11. Very cute outfit. I love how any blazer automatically makes an outfit look 10x more professional. I think I need to add more blazers to my wardrobe. I do have a good number of plain t-shirts, but they're nice and fitted enough to wear with most outfits.

  12. @brandon - thanks for visiting!

    @kimmie - thanks! I was so happy to find this...so cute.

    @sam - good tip on the straight iron. I do have one, but I avoid heat styling my hair too much (aside from the blowdrying). I usually straight iron on days I don't wash my hair, but I think I'll try it on days I do wash, too. Seems to be the only thing that may work.

    @ashley - Nice! I don't have a ton of plain tees that are nice enough for work (most of mine are rather ratty and old), but I'm really jonesin' to go out and get some.

    @nicole - so true. thanks for the kind words. :)

    @rachel - cool! thanks for the rec. I have naturally super-straight hair, so I have one of those curling irons that opens up into a straight iron (so that when my hair is long I just use it as a curling iron).

    @jessica - love it...cardigans and blazers can dress up almost anything!

    @trystan - I wear basic tanks under everything, but my tees often get bulky. I do love this bag...it's been my everyday bag for almost 4 years now!

    @cubicle chic - yes, sorry to rub in the weather. I haven't even needed a jacket these past few days.

    @myheartblogged - Thanks!

    @graduatedlearning - I need more blazers, too. I have this one and two black ones. You can never have too many (as long as they fit well).


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