Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mommy dearest

sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional blog swapped sweater salmon banana republic suit skirt target flats
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional blog swapped sweater salmon banana republic suit skirt target flats
Sweater (tagless) - 2011 - swap (similar) / Banana Republic suit skirt - 2010 - $70 (similar) / Merona flats via Target - 2010 - $17 (similar

Outfit analysis: This outfit is super-simple, but it really works. I really like the high neckline of this sweater, and it's a gorgeous color. I led a meeting this morning, and this outfit helped me feel confident and comfortable.

There's something about this outfit that reminds me of my mother. Perhaps it's her love of colors like this one, or the sweet flats similar to the ones she likes to wear (although she did rock some killer heels back in the day). Or maybe it's just that Mother's Day is looming and I'm missing my mommy (haven't seen her in two months). I'm pretty sure she sported outfits similar to this as a college student in Taiwan in the '70s, but with glasses and a bob instead of my half-grown-out 'do. I wish I had some photos to show you, but you'll just have to take my word for it. I look a lot like my mom, and if I age half as well as she has, I'll be in great shape for decades to come.

My mother and I may look alike, but our styles are very different. I am drawn toward saturated, solid colors with a strong preference for neutrals; my mom has a closet full of patterns and bright pinks, blues, and greens. My mother has a variety of silhouettes and shapes in her closet, while I tend to stick to shapes I know (boot cut jeans and pencil skirts). My mom could spend all day in one department store just browsing and browsing and browsing, while I am in and out like a bullet if I don't find what I'm looking for. But she taught me a lot of good lessons: the value of a few good pieces rather than a closet full of disposable fashion, living within our means by finding bargains and shopping sales, the importance of taking care of your skin, and, above all, that beauty is from within. Sure, I've gone through stages where I felt like an ugly duckling, but my mother never resorted to showing me the ins and outs of make-up to mask what I thought were defects. Instead, she showed me the importance of letting my personality shine through. I was a difficult daughter for many, many years (which I'm sure will come back to bite me should I ever have a daughter of my own), but I am so grateful for my mother and really prize our friendship now. 
My mom and I at my wedding in 2007. Photo by Sargeant Photography.

How is your style influenced by your mother?


  1. The pic of you and your mom is so pretty! And I like your hair that length.

    My mom taught me everything I know about good shopping habits. I remember shopping with her from the time I was 3, my sister was the one hiding in the clothing racks, I was right there with my mom feeling fabric quality, comparing prints and colors, checking prices. I don't think my mom has influenced my personal style, we dress very very differently, but I know for a fact that she shaped the way I shop from day one.

  2. Well, my style influences my mother. She is always taking her cue from me. BUT my love of polka dots and red lipstick is an homage to her. I remember her going to Mexican dances in the '80's and every week she's sew a bright boldly printed dress and make her hair big, apply eyeliner and blood red lipstick, and go dancing. I definitely reference her when I deck out in crazy, over the top patterns.
    the Citizen Rosebud

  3. Very cute flats. Those could go with practically everything.

    I have definitely been influenced by my mom's shopping habits and style. Ironically (given my profession) I don't particularly like to shop, and when I do shop I'm usually on a very specific mission. If I need a top for an event it must be classic (i.e. I'll wear it past this season), quality, and on sale. My mom is exactly the same way.

    In terms of style, I credit my mom with my taste in clothing. Even though I pretty much live in jeans (she does not) my wardrobe as a whole is filled with classic pieces. A perfect example is this cute grey cardigan that my mom gave me when I was in college. It's simple, goes with everything, and I actually just wore it the other day. You would never how MANY seasons it's been through. :-)

  4. Awww how very cute Angeline )
    I remember liking my mom's style as I was growing up and even stealing a sweater from it now and then. However as she has begun to age (as I have too) her tastes have changed and I no longer want to borrow her clothes.
    Sometimes I just wish she would let me dress her !

  5. I love this post - it's the sweetest ever! and you're right, your mom has aged incredibly well, I hope there are also fantastic genes in my family.

    On another note, I love the colour and shape of that shirt. It seems like it would be such a fantastic day-to-day go-to.

  6. I loved this post. It was awesome to learn about your mother.
    My Heart Blogged

  7. What a beautiful picture of both of you!

    The color of the sweater looks gorgeous with the camel shoes, and I love how you've made flats work with a pencil skirt (which is something I'm never very good at doing). So simple, and so chic--it really showcases that you know what shapes and colors look good on you, and that you know how to edit. Thanks to moms!

  8. You look adorable in this outfit!!!

  9. @ Rachel - thanks! I miss my long hair...I think that was the longest it's ever been. My mom's definitely showed me how to shop, too...funny because these days our shopping habits are so different, but our criteria are still very similar.

    @ Bella - love it! I think it's great your mother is still evolving her style and taking cues from you. YOu two seem quite the stylish pair.

    @ Cynthia - My mom also taught me about longevity for clothes...she has so many great pieces that she's kept since the 70s that are still pristine and she still wears them. She had a great shoe collection, but since my feet are at least 1 size larger than hers, she ended up giving those away. So sad.

    @ Lorena - heh heh my mom and I share clothes very seldomly (she is tiny compared to me). I wish I could dress my mom sometimes, too...she's great but like many women her age she has gotten out of touch with current fashion and fits.

    @ sorren - isn't is great? I was sooo stoked to find it at the swap (and that it didn't quite fit my friend--she grabbed it first).

    @ My Heart Blogged - thanks! I don't normally gush on here, but it just all came out so naturally so I went with it. :)

    @ Bibliomomia - thank you! It's one of my faves from my wedding (another of my favorites is me and my brother in a similar pose). I'm always wary of pencil skirts and flats, too...I think the nude color of the flats and the pointy toe help it work.

    @ Basiccravings - thank you!


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