Friday, May 20, 2011

Executive Summary | Links for your weekend | 05.21.11

The sun finally came out this week, so I went on a lunchtime errand run. In n Out really hits the french fry craving.

What a week, huh, folks? I have to admit, I was thrown off quite a bit earlier in the week, what with the Blogger outage (didn't give me much time to pre-write posts), a raging three-day headache, and generally bad mood-age. But the sun is back out and we're up and running again! What a relief.

Move update: I hit a wall last week when I called apartment complexes only to find that folks in Miami really do 30-day notices. In our little college town, fall rentals are signed the previous February (our current apartment was rented out months ago for when we leave). It's weird not to know where you'll be living just a few months from now, but I guess it's not that weird. Case in point: my last semester of grad school I flew back to NYC from CA on a Friday, viewed one apartment and signed a lease that Saturday, and moved in that Sunday (school started on Tuesday). I'm not too worried about finding a place in Florida, but I am a little anxious about where that place might be and am really hoping that things will go smoothly, especially since we won't be able to take a trip out there before we move (isn't going to pencil schedule-wise or finance-wise). 

We're looking for a managed apartment building, two parking spots, walking distance to stuff (anything), and at least 600 sf. Anyone have an apt that fits the bill available Aug. 1 in Miami? Just thought I'd check.

While we (since I know you're all waiting for me, too) wait for July to come around so I can find out apartment availability for August, let's look at some links!

Fashion and style
Career and office
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What were your favorite reads this week?


  1. Just wanted to say, "don't stress!" on finding a place to live :) We lived in a hotel for about a week and a half while we waited for our apartment, and I'm sure you'll find some awesome apartments in Miami. Good luck!

  2. I lived near Miami for a year or so. You'll love it - a feeling of constantly being on vacation.

    also? I'm pretty sure I spent 4 or 5 hours on your blog yesterday when I discovered it. Absolutely love it.

  3. I loved your guest post!

    I'm currently also flat hunting, but without a deadline. Where I live now, it's easy to find somebody who will rent the flat after us, so we are flexible with moving out.

  4. The outfits you modeled at Modly Chic were classic :)

  5. @ Ashley - Thanks for the encouragement! I'm trying to be flexible, but we'll see how we end up holding up. :)

    @ M. Broussard - I'm looking forward to it! I grew up in Orange County, CA, and so i'm totally looking forward to feeling like I'm on vacation all the time. And I am SO EXCITED you love my blog. You just made my heart flutter a bit. :)

    @ Silvia - Thanks! That's great that it's flexible for you.

    @ Pema - Thanks!

  6. One of my favorite reads is the New Professional. I want to read the Sacramento Magazine article on you!

  7. @ Bella - You are too sweet! It's on stands now (although I don't think it'll be online until a little later in the month).


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