Friday, May 27, 2011

Silver Linings giveaway winner

Wow, ladies...I loved all your feedback on shoe accessories and whatnot to make heels more bearable! I tallied up all the responses and here are the most popular accessories:
  • Heel grips/liners:                   15
  • Foot petals/ball of foot:           7
  • Odor fighters (paper,
    baking soda, dryer sheets,
    or odor eaters)                         5
  • Foam inserts/insoles               4
  • Moleskin                                 2
  • Hose/socks                              2
  • Arch supports                          2
I have to say, I've never really felt the need for heel liners, but I'm really wondering if I should try them out if they make life easier for so many feet...I do have a pair that slip out often (although they don't blister me or anything).

Oh yeah, the giveaway? There's a winner for that, too.

Congrats, Kileen! I'll be sending you an email today to get your info.

Thanks to everyone who entered! Now that it's warming up here, I've really felt the need to get more of these myself. They're available online at $15.99 for three pairs (available for both US and Canadian customers), which isn't bad compared to the high heel inserts I get for $8-$9 for one pair...and I have them in every pair of heels. I love heels, but if you can't bear to walk in them, what's the point, right?


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