Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Date night

sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional blog heart clothing boutique top limited tulip skirt target heels coach tote
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional blog heart clothing boutique top limited tulip skirt target heels coach tote
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional blog heart clothing boutique top limited tulip skirt target heels coach tote

Final Touch top via Heart Clothing Boutique - 2011 - $32 (similar) / The Limited tulip skirt - 2009 - $20 (similar) / Mossimo gladiator heels via Target - 2010 - $25 (similar) / Premier Designs faux pearl necklace - 2010 - free with purchase (similar) / Coach outlet bag - 2010 - Christmas gift from mom (similar) / BR Factory sunnies - 2011 - $8 (similar) / Sephora lip pencil No. 411 (discontinued)

Outfit analysis: I'm loving this silhouette right now--a blousy top with a fitted skirt. And comfy as all hell. This top is so soft and silky that my skirt kept twisting around the whole day. I realized after I got dressed that I was wearing all black, so I went with a bold red lip. I need to wear lipstick more often...I really like it.

Mondays are date nights for K and I. It's a little unconventional. K teaches a class in Sacramento on Monday nights, so he takes the train in (reimbursable by the university), and I pick him up after work and we have dinner in Sacramento. It's helped us finally keep regular date nights, and is really precious time for us. And it's given us an opportunity to try more restaurants in--there are sooo many good ones. Tonight we went to Petra for Greek food. Have you ever had saganaki? If you haven't tried it, you need to. Especially if you like cheese. Yummmm.

There's a funny story behind this bag. Lately, my mom has taken to hitting up outlets with her friends, and when she sees them buying things for their daughters, she decides she wants to buy me one, too. So she was at the Coach outlet with a friend, who was buying a bag for her daughter, and she buys one for me. Our family is not good at keeping secrets, so she tells me over Thanksgiving that my Christmas present is a Coach bag. Do I want to see it? (see, not good at secrets.) I decline...Christmas is less than a month away.

But before I leave, I get curious, and I sneak over to where my mom has always kept presents before she gives them. I poke around and see a Coach shopping bag almost right away. I look inside and it's a small-ish brown (or black?) shoulder bag. Nice, but not spectacular. I think about how much I appreciate my mom for buying me something I wouldn't buy myself.

Come Christmas, K and I are on dinner #3 and finally make it to my parents house Christmas evening. Good food and good times are had, and after all the other guests leave, we bring out the presents we brought for my family. My mom remembers her present for me and runs to get it. She emerges with a huge Coach shopping bag. I wonder why she's repackaged the small bag into such a giant bag. And then I pull out the tissue paper to find this beauty. I don't use it too often because it's pretty big, rather heavy, and a obnoxiously labeled, but lately I've found myself needing a large bag, so this one it is. Usually it's my travel bag, because it's huge inside, it zips closed, and it has a long strap so I can wear it across my body.

Right now it's only about half full, but I'll fix that.

Do you prefer big purses or little purses? Marked or anonymous bags?


  1. Small and anonymous. "obnoxiously labeled" things bother me. When I do have a larger bag, I never clean it out and I end up with so much stuff in there that I can't find my cell phone before it stops ringing and I miss the call.

  2. You look smokin' hot, lady!

    And I'm a gigantic bag gal all the way. I like to be able to crawl inside and nap, if necessary.

  3. I like little and big. I'm awful like that. I like big with only a few things in but then have the opportunity to stuff more into it when I'm out or to add papers and tablets so if I go somewhere they don't see me with a tablet but then I can get it out quickly.

    I also like anonymous.

  4. you look sassy! Love it!

    I either want a big bag or a tiny one - I go back and forth with no whims, but I can't handle medium-sized purses. I tend to go for slightly more igognito designs - most of my purses are coach or marc jacobs or dooney and burke and just have a small little etched name plate, which I don't mind

  5. I really REALLY like this Angeline! The print of the top and bold lip really add some dimension and pop to the whole look. Well done lady!

  6. I am loving this silhouette, too. I haven't really tried it actually but I've been admiring it and you are inspiring me to pair my own blousy top with a pencil skirt!

  7. Oooo I'm loving this look too! Flowy tops and fitted skirts is such a great combo for this time of year! I personally love a big bag (Coach!)

  8. Woohoo you look great!! I love the all black, but it's interesting with the patterned top and the cool shoes.

    I'm one for medium sized leather bags that are not too labelled. BUT lately leather bags are getting too heavy for me even when empty :( I guess I'll have to down size soon!

  9. How sweet of your mom !
    She reminds me of mine. Cannot keep a secret.

  10. I love the black and white palette and it's so great you guys get to do a date night. I have a little Coach purse from a friend who also bought it at an outlet for my birthday. I kept admiring hers and she kenw I am with you about not being much for logos. She found me a wristlet in pewter leather with the tiniest Coach logo on the front. I love it as an evening purse.

  11. Date nights are a good thing :)

    I adore big bags. Unfortunately I also have a penchant for pricey ones too - luckily I have a friend who works for Gucci and is generous enough to give me his discount. :)

  12. You look great. That's funny you peeked at your present but it wasn't even your present. That totally sounds like something I would do.
    My Heart Blogged

  13. Wow, I love this look on you Angeline! I don't know what it is... it's still totally office appropriate, but maybe it's the edgier b&w prints and gladiators. Either way, keep it coming :)

  14. @kendall - good point! I have several small internal pockets in this one, so I just slip my cell phone into one of those (although I avoid using my phone for phone calls in general).

    @sal - thanks, dear! I'm a fan of the big bag, too (as you can tell). :)

    @colleen - yes! the more space we get the more we seem to "need," right?

    @ashley - I'm the same! For a long time, I kept my wallet, keys, phone, etc., in a tiny bag inside my bigger bag. Now I just have a large wallet that I can use as a clutch when I don't want to carry the whole bag.

    @liz - thanks, girl!

    @monkeyface - do it! Kileen (cute and little) does it a lot, and I love it on her, too. I think Kendi has also worn this silhouette.

    @kinsey - Coach is sort of addicting for me, although I've never actually sprung for a large Coach bag myself (I bought myself a little tiny one on sale for $40 years ago). Can. not. stare. or. go. in. outlet. wallet. must. stay. in. purse. :)

    @elaine - I'm leather all the way, too. I know there are some rather convincing synthetic bags out there, but I really just can't bring myself to buy one.

    @lorena - our moms are awesome. :)

    @destrehan's daughter - how sweet! I got my first Coach item (a coin purse) from a friend for Christmas, and she gave me the matching wristlet for my graduate school graduation. I still use both daily. And now that there's an outlet just 20 minutes away, I like to get wristlets for people, too...it's just a nice little gift that I know a lot of my friends wouldn't but themselves.

    @eek - um...can I borrow your friend? :P

    @my heart blogged - I KNOW! I was so confused. But so happy. :)

    @shooting star - yay! I like to say it's weight lifting. right?

    @nicole - thank you so much! I really did love it for the office, and I was surprised at how seamlessly it transitioned for the night out (as in I changed nothing. :P)

  15. Wow . I really love the color of your dress and especially your style. You ' r looking Amazing.

  16. Oh I really really like this outfit, Angeline! (May be the fact that I have the same shoes...) And that's really funny about the Coach bag. Moms are funny sometimes! :)

  17. you look fantastic! i'm guessing you and hubby both got lucky....

    and i'll give you two thumbs up on the big bag. not a fan of micro-clutches, here. i like bags you can actally use- fill up with the necessaries and in a pinch can hold a spare pair of shoes.

  18. @angeline "although I avoid using my phone for phone calls in general"

    haha, how do you avoid using your phone for calls?

  19. @kendall - I just don't pick up if I don't know what the phone call is about, and if possible, I respond to voice mails via text and email. I am terrible at (and really don't like) just sitting on the phone talking, so I never make (or pick up) phone calls "just to chat."

  20. definitely small bags. the large it gets, the more stuff i throw in, and my shoulders / back starts hurting. :(

  21. @ step - yeah, it's probably not the best for me. :/


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