Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sunny days [outfit]

Gap Favorite V-neck T - 2011 - $7 on sale (available) / Yellow strapless smocked dress worn as skirt - 2010 - swap (similar) / Vintage belt via Bows and Arrows - 2010 - $12 (similar) / Black wood bead necklace - 2010 - swap (similar) / Target metallic flip flops - 2009 - $7 (similar)
[Worn: 09.16.11 | To: Write, write and work]

I love finding new uses for old pieces. This skirt is actually a tube dress, and it's one of my favorites for the beach. Yup, this is my go-to swim coverup. I think this is the second time I've worn it when not going to the beach, and the first time it's made it out of the house. Why in the world did I not do this earlier? The belt really makes the look, and the flip flops seemed just right with the casual fabric of the skirt.

My birthday is tomorrow, and fall officially begins on Friday. Things I'm looking forward to this season:
  • The end of storm season. We've been really lucky in South Florida so far, only a few more months to go until glorious winter. We got a crash course in storm prep when Irene was still threatening Florida, so we're as ready as we can be, but you never know what you don't know until something happens.
  • Going home. My new nephew enters this world next month, and a few weeks after that I'm headed out to So Cal to help my sis-in-law out around the house and with the boys (baby and his 3 1/2-year-old big bro). So excited to do Halloween with them!
  • Fall TV. We had planned to get rid of cable TV when we moved, but our building (and rent) comes with basic, so we still have just about all our favorite channels (minus glaring holes ESPN and FX). My faves: Fringe, Glee, The Office, Bones, and How I Met Your Mother. I'm not addicted. I'm not addicted. I'm not addicted?
  • Getting unpacked. As you may have seen on my Facebook page, I have a new bookshelf background in my recent outfit pics. Still not completely unpacked yet, but getting really, really close.
  • Learning to run. I'm mostly looking forward to this. After discovering the amazing scenery of a nearby trail, I've decided I'd like to start running...err, learning how to run without feeling like I'm dying. The goal? I'd like to be able to run one mile without stopping by the end of the year, something I have never done in my life. Wish me luck!
What are you most looking forward to for fall?


  1. Happy Birthday!

    I love the sunny yellow - here in NY it has been raining for 2 days the yellow is a great pick-me-up!

    I have heard (but not experienced myself) the Couch to 5K is a great way to start running if you are not a runner already. I know it has a whole plan and podcasts to download for your workouts. Good luck!

  2. love the pop of yellow! happy bday!

  3. Happy birthday! I started the Couch to 5k program recently (I'm on week 5 now), and I can't recommend it enough. Before I started I couldn't run to the end of the block - now I can run WAY more than that, and I don't feel like I'm going to die. I bought the app for my iPhone, and it is seriously the best $3 I've ever spent - it allows you to play your music and it cues you when to walk and run, plus it gives you a count down for each interval so when you feel like you are going to die you can check it and see "okay, great, I only have to run for 20 more seconds and then I can walk". I LOVE it!

  4. The dress looks fabulous as a skirt - what a great idea for repurposing. Love the color.

    You can SO become a runner! My New Year's resolution was a 5k, and I've way surpassed the distance now - turns out anyone can run since it's all about mind over matter. Put your mind to it, and you'll totally be doing that mile. Good luck, and have fun (the other key to successful running).

    p.s. happy almost birthday. Yay!

  5. happy birthday!

    love, love, love the outfit today. the yellow dress makes the perfect skirt.

    i am most looking forward to RUBY this fall! plus, fall cooking, boot wearing, snuggling in the down comforter, day road trips with the baby and the hubs being off until january.

    ps - i'm still really excited about those boxes (which i already have) and the expedit shelf.

  6. oooh I love that skirt, even better that it can double as a dress!

    Happy Birthday tomorrow!sounds like you have a lot to look forward to! I'm going on Vacation in October so I'm really looking forward to that :)

  7. Happy birthday! I love the idea of using the dress as a skirt! I will try that, too. Thanks for the idea!

  8. Happy Birthday doll! All the best to you in the upcoming year. Sounds like you have a lot to do next month and halloween with small kids is just too much fun :) I am looking forward to the falling leaves, halloween, and thanksgiving :)

  9. Happy birthday lady! I hope you enjoy your day! What a great use for this tube dress. I love it as a bright and cheery skirt. Thank goodness you still get the Office! That's a must!

  10. Love using that tube dress as a skirt, it looks like it was always meant to be a skirt! haha. The color is just gorgeous. I didn't realize how many fall shows I like until I was looking at the schedule last night. How I met your mother is defintiely a favorite along with Big Bang Theory. And I'm testing out Ringer and The New Girl. We'll see how I feel about those after a week or two.

    And happy birthday!

  11. Love the yellow skirt, so into yellow right now! Happy birthday, mine is on the 23rd. Yay for fall, not that it makes much of a difference for us in south Florida.

  12. Super cute outfit! It's so happy! I think you know what I'm looking forward to this fall. In addition to meeting Baby, I'm looking forward to a pumpkin spice latte, fall tv, and cooler weather.

  13. Happy birthday, what a great outfit to kick off the celebration! Two of the best running tips I've received:

    Drive your arms... seriously, it makes your legs go when they're tired!

    Don't clench your fists... clenching while running takes a lot of energy, so relax your hands!

  14. Looking fab!

    If you're running, consider downloading the 'couch to 5k' app - it's great, and helped me kick-start my running after I was out with an injury.

  15. That skirt really is great! I too am looking forward to the end of storm season. So many lives have been flipped upside down by storms this year. I'm sure the whole country will welcome the break! Awesome news that your going to be an Auntie again real soon. How much fun. I'm sure your time home with your Sis & little ones will be a blast. Good luck on your running goal. I'd love to run but have to stop smoking first! My lungs about kill me just walking. Starting is easy but stopping not so much. Hope you have a great week.

  16. New follower! Love your blog!! I love your outfit, so cute! I live in FL too and I'm glad Hurricane season is almost over :)

  17. @ michelle - thanks for the rec (and hope the sun comes out for you soon!).

    @ S - Thank you!

    @ Tami - I'm so excited for Ruby, too! Can't wait for you and your husband to experience Taiwan...I love it there.

    @ Caroline - Thanks and you're welcome. :)

    @ pixie in pumps - we checked out The New Girl last night, too. Not bad, but not sure about this Jess character.

    @ veronica - Happy almost-birthday to you!! I know...weather doesn't change much here, but I am looking forward to more breezes and less humidity (but I guess that's winter? haven't gotten my head around the seasons here yet).

    @ bridget - Yay for baby! We'll be in town in January...I'll email you the dates b/c we want to see you!

    @ ashley - oo I've never heard of the clenched fists thing! Thanks for the tips!

    @ anonymous - I've gotten so many recs for that app I DLed it yesterday and did Day 1 today!

    @ angie - Thanks! Yes, Florida has been spared, but other parts of the country, not so much. You can quit smoking...I know you can!

    @ A beautiful mess - Welcome! Glad to have you here. :)

  18. Way to go using that dress in a new way! Running is one of my favorite and least favorite things. Sometimes I hate myself in the middle of a run doing it, but right at the start and when I'm finished, I LOVE it. I know that sounds crazy, but it's true.

  19. @ threadsandbuttons - That's what I've heard! Really, it's just worth it to get healthy, and running is a full body workout. For a lazy person like me, I'd like to be able to push through a terrible run and not have to do other cardio. :P


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