Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Something like home [outfit]

Ann Taylor top - 2010 - $20 on sale (similar) / BR Factory Store pants - 2009 - $12 on clearance (similar) / Nina pumps from Ross - 2009 - $16 on sale (similar) / Belt taken from a suit (similar) / Necklace c/o Jada's Jewels [referral link]
[Worn: 09.24.11 | To: Work a fundraising event. Change of outfit afterward to meet K's coworkers and have a birthday dinner w/ family]

This is not what I'd normally wear on a Saturday, but most Saturdays don't involve lunch at the Fontainebleau Hotel with a Hollywood legend. Dress for Success Miami hosted a fundraising luncheon featuring acclaimed actress and filmmaker Dyan Cannon, and I jumped at the chance to help out. But what does one wear to a historic fancy schmancy hotel to be in the presence of Miami movers and shakers while still being appropriate for working (moving things around, lifting boxes, event set-up, etc.)?

I came to two conclusions: pants and low heels. I have two pairs of dress pants that work with low heels (in addition to one pair of low-heel jeans, five high-heel pants and three flats pants...you know you make the distinction, too), and between these and the brown ones, black won out. Unfortunately, my pants aren't fitting so well these days, so I needed a structured top to keep from having to adjust my waistband all day. Toss on a belt and some jewels, pull back the hair, and I was ready to go. And I couldn't have been more comfortable at the event, where I indeed ended up walking up and down stairs all day and had to bend over and lift several things.

After the event I changed into this outfit (swap the heels for sandals) to meet up with K and his coworkers at a pub after their department retreat. Got a crapload of restaurant recommendations and a new shopping buddy! And then it was onto Miami's Best Pizza for a birthday dinner with our cousins out here (hint: the Moroccan pizza is bomb). I was completely wiped by the end of the day, but there is something really comforting about having a day full of activities with new friends...something almost like home.

What do you take into account the most when planning a functional and fashionable outfit?


  1. Ooooooooh! That sounds so exciting! I love your necklace and the top is so cute. I hope you had a ball baby!

  2. What a fun day! And your outfit choices were spot-on. Low heels and pulled-back hair are so key for volunteering, regardless of the type of event!

  3. I always make sure my pants are wrinkle-proof. There's nothing worse than sitting for a while at an event, and then standing up and realizing there are a ton of wrinkles in your lap.

  4. You just look great and what an opportunity. You're right, I do have my pants classified by length!

  5. I love pants & low heels! You look fabulous :)

  6. Love the colors and the shape of that shirt and pants. It's also a great thing you're doing volunteering your time and for a great cause.

  7. You look gorgeous! In planning for fashionable outfit, I just want something classy and very comfortable to wear.

  8. @ classy career girl - Thank you! I definitely agree...class and comfort!


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