Monday, September 19, 2011

In the moment

I've been lukewarm about clothing shopping lately, but making up for it in other things, namely home items and beauty products. Things I'm loving right now:

Rimmel at ShopStyle
Black nail polish. As cheap as possible.
[shown: Rimmel London, but I'll take anything sub-$5 with no shimmer]

Bobbi Brown at ShopStyle
Because flawless skin never goes out of style.
[Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick] 

Anthropologie at ShopStyle
Not in my price range, but a ruffly pillow is on my DIY list.
[Anthropologie Meet Me In St. Louis pillow]

Fascinated by this five-year journal, so I used a birthday gift card to get one of my own.
[Levenger 5-year journal]

What are you in love with right now?


  1. Right now I am loving my black and gold manicure :)
    I cannot stop looking at them !
    I can wait for your answer as the event is in a month. THANKS, it is a TOUGH one.

  2. @ lorena - oo gold! that is a nail color i don't have but should. I can definitely get something together within a month!

    @ nedsi - thanks!

  3. @ a beautiful mess - me too! I think i'm getting a little tired of all the brights and pastels (I like brights, but pastels are not my thing). Short and shiny black nails are always chic.

  4. sephora is now selling magnetic nail polish and another kind that turns shiny ones matte. i want both!!!


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