Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Church hopper

miami fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional ann taylor top merona jeans enzo angiolini pumps
miami fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional ann taylor top merona jeans enzo angiolini pumps
miami fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional ann taylor top forever 21 leaf necklace
Ann Taylor factory store top - 2011 - $30 on sale (similar) / Merona trouser jeans via Target - 2011 - $18 on sale (similar) / Enzo Angiolini Maylie pumps via Nordstrom - 2007 - $70 on sale (similar) / Forever 21 leaf necklace - 2010 - $5 (similar)
[Worn: 09.04.11 | To: Church and lunch]

If you're following along with Dressy September over on Facebook, you've already seen this outfit, but there's no commentary or details there. This is what I wore on Sunday to check out a new (to us) church in downtown Miami.

Something I've noticed about moving around a lot (and knowing people that move around a lot) is that everyone has different MOs for meeting new people. Sometimes it's work, sometimes it's through friends you already know, sometimes it's classmates. For me, it's usually been church. Attending and participating in a church is important to me for many reasons, but camaraderie is one that anyone can relate to, even if you're not religious.

When I moved to Davis, I was brand new at work and the other new girl I worked with did not like me at all. K had lived there for two years already, so most of my friends right off the bat were K's classmates. They were in class when he was in class, and they were studying when he was studying. I love these folks a lot and many of them are dear friends of mine now, but it wasn't helping me branch out at first. It wasn't until we found a church to call home that I began making my own friends (OK, they knew K, too, but I like to count them as mine).

We've been here about a month now and have tried three churches: one was recommended to us by a friend, one is where K's cousin and his family go, and the other we found on the Internet. We're leaning in a certain direction although we haven't really settled on a home church yet, but I'm excited about what we've seen and experienced so far.

What's your MO for meeting people when you're new in town?


  1. I've found that church is my easiest place to meet young families, since most of my grad school friends here don't have kids. They're my best friends, sure, but there are parts of my life as a parent that they just don't understand--and church has been a great way to meet other families.

    Love the double necklaces, especially the ring strung on the chain.

  2. it's definitely not easy being new and making friends. hope you find a really good church where you'll make awesome new friends who'll love upon you and push you closer to Jesus. :) much love, my friend!

  3. I know that finding the right church has been important to me in my moves...good luck in finding a "home" that feels right to you.

  4. Cute top! I also find church a great place to meet people, especially because when we moved last year, I started working from home, so I wasn't able to connect with anyone in our new town that way. Funnily enough, the first couple we met at church is from our home town (6 hours away)!

  5. Love the colors of this outfit - this juicy vibrant top looks great with denim <3



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