Thursday, September 1, 2011

First of the month [outfit]

miami fashion blogger angeline evans nine west vintage america top black orchid jeans gap sandals
miami fashion blogger angeline evans nine west vintage america top black orchid jeans gap sandals
Nine West Vintage America Jeans top - 2010 - won from Nine West Vintage America contest (similar) / Black Orchid gray jeans via Renew Denim - 2010 - $25 on sale (similar) / Old Navy belt - ?? - cheap (similar) / Gap sandals - 2010 - $20 (similar) / American Eagle outlet chain necklace - 2011 - $4 on clearance (similar) / Tarte natural lip stain in Moody via Sephora - 2011 - $24 (available)
[Worn: 09.01.11 | To: Clean the apartment and go to the Dolphins–Cowboys game]

Happy September! Typically, I'd be waxing on and off about how I'm looking forward to the long weekend (and probably something about how it actually feels like Friday but it's really Thursday), but who am I kidding—I'm living one big long [working] weekend. It's not half bad, especially when you wake up and have a lot to say.

So three things for you today:

1. It's September! Also known as My Birthday Month. I have to admit, it's a little bittersweet this year. We know all of 5 people in Miami so far (and we don't know them that well), so birthday plans are really up in the air.  I love a good celebration, but don't want people to feel awkward being invited to a new acquaintance's birthday party.

2. I'm going to my first NFL game tonight! Sure, it's just preseason, but it's a Cowboys game, and they are my favorite sports team in the whole wide world. I have a jersey, but now that Barber's been traded, it just felt a little wrong, so this Cowboys-inspired blue and gray get-up will have to do. Now just to decide...keep the sandals or change into boots for the game?

3. It took me several tries to get this little tuck thingy down. Check out the losing tucks:

miami fashion blogger angeline evans nine west vintage america top black orchid jeans gap sandals

 P.S. Lorena - I got my shoes in the pic! Took me a while to find a picture spot, but I think this one works. :)

How do you show your team spirit? Jerseys, face paint?


  1. Double dog denim or aka, the Canadian Tuxedo- niice! And by the way:
    When's your Bday, Angeline?

  2. I like the denim-on-denim look. You got it right by wearing 2 different shades--cute!

    My husband is a huge football fan (Bears) but I never got into sports. I say you should change into boots for the game. It's Sept 1, and that means you can officially bring out the boots. But make sure they're Cowboy boots!

  3. love how you tucked this in so casually. I'm always boggled by the choices of the tuck, half tuck, no tuck, etc. :)

  4. When I go to games I always paint my nails in team colors--with glitter, just because I know I'll only have it on for a day and a little glitter makes everything more fun!

    And happy birthday month! It's mine too--I'm baking my own cake to celebrate.

  5. i've been doing this tuck for a while too, it's not too formal, which is good.

  6. No face paint pls !
    AND I SEE your shoes :)
    Have a good time at the game

  7. Perfect perfect perfect double denim! And the half tuck is lovely too--thanks for showing the "oops" versions. Have fun at the game!

  8. Ugh those Cowboys beat us in the Super Bowl back in 6th grade.

    September is also known as my birthday month.

  9. oh i have to admit that i had a hard time getting the half tuck just right on my first try too. you did a great job and i love the denim on denim! have a great time at the Cowboys game!

    cute & little
    TJMaxx Satchel Giveaway!

  10. Love the double denim look so much! The belt is a great idea, i'll definitely need to remember this. I've always had troubles with pulling off denim on denim)

  11. @ S - it is rather boggling. I say give each a try and pick whichever you like best. :)

    @ keisha - oo I love the nail polish idea! I'll have to squirrel that away for next time. :)

    @ step - it's a great medium, isn't it? especially for a shirt like this, which looked terrible left out.

    @ lorena - just for you, girl. ;)

    @ triskelos - oh yeah...belts are a great way to break it up! Different belts give different looks, too (skinny, thick, embellished, scarf)...try them all out!

  12. This is one of my favorite ways I've seen denim-on-denim! You look great!

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