Friday, September 16, 2011

Random thoughts [outfit]

BR Factory Store t-shirt - 2011 - $5 on sale (similar) / Textured pencil skirt - 2010 - swap (similar) / Anne Klein mary janes via Macy's - 2011 - $25 on sale (available) / Dark faux pearl strand worn doubled and safety-pinned - 2011 - gift (similar)
[Worn: 09.15.11 | To: Volunteer and run errands]

Things are starting to pick up around here...I've had my busiest week in weeks! Went in to volunteer three times, ran an entire day full of errands (still getting things sorted out and unpacked), checked out a new church small group, and worked on a few client projects. Oh, and there's this blog. I did a slight redesign this week, but to be honest, I'm not entirely in love with it, so it's back to the drawing board. Life is settling into a new "normal," and I'm liking it.

Random thoughts today:
  • I have the KFC popcorn chicken commercial stuck in my head (again). Why pick on chicken nuggets? Or should we also be asking, "What part of the chicken is the parmigiana?" or "What part of the chicken is the cordon bleu?" 
  • Took a walk outside this morning on a little waterfront trail near our apartment. I forgot to start my Runkeeper until about five minutes in, so my best estimate is the route I took today is right around one mile. Hopefully this is the start to a good habit.
I'll be back this afternoon with some links...see you soon!


  1. I HATE that KFC commerical, mostly because it says "our chefs bread pieces" or whatever....which is FALSE. As a former chicken genius/KFC employee, I can tell you that KFC popcorn chicken comes pre-breaded and frozen in a giant bag, and then is cooked in a deep fat fryer for 8 minutes...or maybe 5. whatever. They don't bread it like they do the chicken and the chicken strips.

  2. i immediately fell in love with those shoes, but can't find them in my size anywhere!!

  3. Super cute outfit (as usual!) I like the new design! So impressed that you did it yourself! Congrats! Have a great weekend!

  4. Daily walks are a good habit to get into.
    I like the redesign but I'm interested to see what you come up with next.

    I like that necklace.

  5. I have a question i thought you might be able to help with.
    I have a huge convention coming up and after it ends my boss chose to invite a few of the participants -all men - to a fun weekend.
    The weekend will consist either flying to an island or taking a boat to the island and spending the night.
    The thing is is is a work-business related trip that i am also invited to. BUT the thought of going and having to wear a bathing suit in front of these men is totally intimidating. I want to go but I want to keep it professional.
    Any thoughts>?
    my everyday wear

  6. the worst thing about those "don't eat mcnuggets cause chickens don't have nuggets" commercials is that chickens also don't have popcorn or strips either!!

  7. @ withacapitalz - Bummer! I'm actually surprised they're still online, since I bought them on clearance back in March. I think the style is called "SaraJane" if that helps. Good luck!

    @ lorena - That is a great question! Let me see what I can come up with an get back to you asap.

    @ step - For. real. I think they're trying to play on the "chicken wings," "chicken breast" (as opposed to breaded chicken or popcorn chicken) but they do serve chicken strips. So dumb.


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