Thursday, September 22, 2011

If I could wear this everyday, I would

Banana Republic top - 2007 - $30 on sale (similar) / Merona trouser jeans via Target - 2011 - $18 on sale (similar) / Franco Sarto heels via Piperlime - 2011 - $45 on sale (available) / Target earrings - 2011 - $6 (similar) / Gold leaf bracelet - gift from my friend Stephanie (she made it!) (similar)
[Worn: 09.20.11 | To: Volunteer, errands, work]

One of the things I'm learning very quickly about freelancing is that you can't predict when you will be busy. You can't really even plan around it. It just happens. And (yay for me) it's finally starting to happen! About 90% of the work so far is for previous clients, and the other 10% is non-paid writing, so it's not like my career has exploded (or anything remotely close to that), but work is work.

This outfit was perfect for a busy day of running around and sitting long hours. Trouser jeans don't wrinkle as easily as regular trousers, and I love how breezy the top makes the whole look feel. These are my favorite jeans, hands down, and it's a struggle not to reach for them every single day.

What one item would you wear everyday?


  1. Depends on if we're talking work-wear or all comfy clothes. I love wearing my ankle length leggings under a jersey dress. It looks put-together, so it's acceptable for work, but it's sooo comfy!

  2. I wish I could wear nearly all my clothes everyday (think of that episode of Friends when Joey wears all of Chandler's clothes). I love this top on you and it looks so chic paired with the denim trousers!

  3. I agree with Sam that it depends on work-wear vs casual clothes. I find that I don't like jeans for work as much as other trousers, especially if I have to be sitting for long periods of time. But a general item I would love to wear everyday - flip flops. :) Do Floridians wear flip flops as much as Californians do?

  4. I would wear this every day for work))) I love dressy jeans - they always are a perfect item for such outfits, and they look amazing paired with fresh cute top like this one)))

  5. i am also a huge fan of trouser jeans. although they only work inside in the summer in sacramento. i'm looking forward to the cooler weather of fall so i can wear them everyday.

    this summer i've been wearing leggings with knit skirts. it is as cool as shorts and is so much more comfortable and cute.

  6. What a gorgeous bracelet !
    I think I could wear a comfy dress everyday.

  7. @ caroline - you know, I'm not entirely sure! I want to say no, but I'll have to do some more observing. :)

    @ triskelos - I *heart* dressy jeans, too. :)

    @ Tami - Cute! I'm a year-round jeans wearer (i'm already in sweatshirts in Florida, too!)...heat doesn't bother me so much.

    @ Lorena - Thanks! That's basically my wardrobe right now...dresses and jeans. :)

  8. i like how you're so motivated to "dress up" everyday. when i know i'm not leaving the house, i just stay in my pjs. :(

  9. I am loving trouser jeans. I have them on my Fall Wishlist! You look great- cute outfit. It's casual but still very well put together!

  10. Cute top! I can see why you want to wear it everyday! :) I have this pink banana republic top that I love and would wear everyday if I could also!

  11. @ neurp - well, I try to leave the house at least once a day, so that definitely helps (and I don't really wear PJs, so I have to put SOMETHING on). It definitely doesn't come naturally, though...sometimes it takes me hours in the morning before I even put anything on.

    @ angie - they are so worth'll never want to take them off! I try not to buy too many multiples of more trendy items, but I'd consider getting multiples of these.


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