Monday, September 26, 2011

Fashion don'ts that I do

From time to time, I'll see something, either on a blog or on Facebook, asking people about some of their fashion pet peeves. Uggs always make the list, as do leggings as pants, and I agree with those (though they do look comfy). Others, though, I have to admit, I'm guilty of. Here are a few common don'ts that I do.

Embellished back pockets
I've been hiding something from you. My beloved skinnies have embellished back pockets. You've never seen them since I don't take butt pictures (you're welcome), but they're there. And they're sort of ugly. I wouldn't mind if they were cool looking, but these aren' says "J" on the left cheek and "Co" on the right. I spent well over a year looking for skinny jeans that flattered my body at a decent price point, and when I finally found these, I bought them despite the back pockets.

I've tried melting the adhesive with a blow dryer, which leaves a dark dot where the embellishment used to be. I've painted them over with black nail polish, which lasts longer than Sharpie. I'm not planning on buying a second pair of skinny jeans, so if you have any suggestions on how to get the studs off the back, please let me know.

Volume + volume = shapeless
Sometimes I just want to be comfortable. To not have to worry about whether I'll have a muffin-top after lunch, to not worry about adjusting my outfit when I stand up or sit down. Flowy clothes are the best for this, and I love pairing some trouser or wide-leg pants with a long shapeless top, usually with a skinny belt or something to cinch in just a little bit at the natural waist. Sure, I generally try to find some balance with my outfits, but sometimes you just have to do what's comfortable.

Black + brown
OK, so this one isn't really a don't anymore. But if you're still not convinced (like my husband isn't...he's just recently gotten to gray + brown), here's some evidence that it works.

How about you? What fashion don'ts do you do?


  1. Oh, Angeline, I LOVE this! My don'ts that I flout include masking my waistline, cropped pants/leggings with flats, and I'm working my way up to white pants post-Labor Day. ;)

  2. I actually had to google this to figure out what I do and don't do. I found one website saying not to mix seasons, which I find ridiculous. Don't wear too many colors at once, mix metals, and heels with jeans. None of those are don'ts in my book!

  3. Great post! One fashion "don't" that I do is kitten heels. There are so many out there that think anything under 3" is horrific! Just search for kitten heels on Twitter and read what the haters say!

  4. LOVE!

    My don'ts? White shoes after Labor Day. Midi skirts with flats. Leggings as pants (sometimes). Horizontal stripes. And I know there are more...

  5. LOL I have to admit, I have fake uggs :P They're grey and comfy and warm, like slippers!!!

  6. I think I do a fashion don't every day.
    Like chipped nails, not brushing my hair...

  7. I actually did an entire week of black and brown last week. And my forbidden pleasure has been my trainers.

  8. @ Sal - White pants are a must here in South Florida you'd fit right in here!

    @ Faith - I've never heard of kitten heels as a don't! I find that my balance is worse in kitten heels than in 3" heels (I think in my mind it's flatter so I don't pay as much attention when I walk, leading to clumsiness), but I think they can be super cute!

    @ eve - That would definitely fix the problem, but one of my largest pet peeves is pants without back pockets. I think they are entirely unflattering and don't own a single pair of back-pocketless pants. Replacing the pockets might work, though! Thanks for the idea!

    @ Lorena - nails (and hands in general) are always a mess because I"m always washing my hands (and dishes, and clothes, and cleaning around my apt) and I hate having to wait for lotion to sink in. I think it's great that you do a don't every day! I'd like to try to break down some more don'ts in my own wardrobe.

  9. I definitely do leggings as pants, though normally I'll wear a shirt long enough to at least cover most of my butt. Seriously though. A nice pair of thick black leggings are the comfiest thing in the whole world. And it's easier to look like you tried than it is wearing sweatpants! Which is a total lifesaver on those days when I wake up and realize I have just under fifteen minutes to eat breakfast, get dressed, and haul ass to my German class, the same class that is attended by three extremely single and attractive Criminology majors.

  10. I feel like I must do a lot that I'm oblivious to. Like maybe someone looks at me and thinks, "Don't"? I try not to think of what they're thinking!

  11. volume + volume = i'm guilty! i can't help it that the unflattering voluminous stuff is especially comfy. bleh.

  12. @ J - I think they can look cute, and the comfort level is definitely tempting! Personally, I find jeans to be the comfiest thing ever (I use to sleep in them in college when I was too tired to get undressed), but I know a lot of people aren't into jeans, and leggings worn with longer tops are definitely better than sweatpants!

    @ WendyB - Me neither. I think everyone has different "don'ts" in their mind, and it's useless to try to follow someone else's rules.

    @ T - It is so comfy! That's why I love belts. :)


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