Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pin-up [outfit]

Olivia top c/o Carissa Rose (available) / Merona trouser jeans from Target - 2011 - $18 on sale (similar) / Nine West peep-toes from Ross - 2011 - $25 (similar) / Random chain necklaces
[Worn: 09.27.11 | To: Volunteer, errands, exploring]

I'm a firm believer that you shouldn't be comparing your body to the shape of clothes, but that you should make clothes fit your body, whatever shape you may be. Case in point—this shirt, which was sent to me for review by Carissa Rose (along with the dress I reviewed earlier this month). This is the Olivia in 4RE, and they mentioned that it might be a bit large in the bust, but nothing a tailor couldn't easily fix. Before I went the alterations route, however, I wanted to try the shirt as is.

  • Nice print, rich colors
  • Fabric feels nice...thin but not cheap (perfect for the Florida fall--still hot, just not as humid)
  • Hook and eye closure really prevents any gaping
  • V-neck that doesn't go down too low
  • Flattering diagonal seam under bust
  • Sleeves are rather puffy, all the way down do the wrist cuff. I wish the sleeves had slimmed down toward the wrist instead. You can really see the sleeve shape in the product photo on the website.
  • Their smallest sized shirt was baggy all around on me. The fanning out of the shirt under the bust was especially disproportionate on my body (although I think their semi-fitted or tailored silhouettes would have worked better for me; this shirt is urban fit).
I thought it was weird that this shirt, which sounded like it should have been smaller than the dress (size 6WE), actually fit much looser. When I look at their sizing chart, the two sizes I was sent have the same bust measurement, just different waist measurements. I continued poking around their site, trying to find more about this, and I found what I was looking for in the "size & fit" section of the Katerina dress.

"Black Caviar runs small, please order one size up"

So the 6WE dress actually ran closer to a 4WE, smaller than this shirt. Good to know my mind isn't just playing tricks on me. Several retailers do provide information on how sizes fit and whether they're true to size, run large, or run small (In addition to Carissa Rose, I know Piperlime, Zappos, and Shabby Apple also have this info).

Back to the fit of the shirt. Like I mentioned before, I like to make clothes fit my body instead of lamenting how my body isn't ideal (much easier when a garment is too large rather than too small). A quick tuck and pin of the placket right at the under-bust seam and a roll of the shirt sleeves gave the shirt a more elegant silhouette, almost reminiscent of Carolina Herrera's ubiquitous dress blouses. I don't know that CH would wear jeans with this, but if she did, I imagine she'd wear a trouser style, too.

2 befores and 1 after. Doesn't look so bad in pic 2, but I'm not going to walk around all day with my arms spread out.

I fanned out the collar and bottom of the shirt to emphasize the cinch at the waist, and while it looked nice from the front, it did create a faux-preggo look from the side. I think I will try alterations next.

Don't forget, you can get 20% off your purchase at Carissa Rose through October 13 with the code THENEWPROFESSIONAL20. I highly recommend the Katerina dress, and I really like the look of the Justina Stripe Shirt (which has a tailored fit) and Lola Pencil Dress (so perfectly retro).  

How have you made an item of clothing fit you in a pinch?

Disclosure: Carissa Rose sent me two items free of charge for review, but the content of the reviews is all mine. No compensation was provided, and no agreement was made to guarantee a post or positive coverage. Clicking on Carissa Rose links will not benefit me in any way.


  1. It's been altered beautifully! It looks really great on you. If I needed to make something fit better, I use a brooch to pin it :)
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  2. You are the master of the safety pin!

  3. That is so incredibly clever of you! I think it makes the shirt look like a whole new item (and assumed that's what it was supposed to look like) - very cute.

  4. These jeans look fantastic on you! And, I am impressed with your safety pin skills!

  5. The cinching on this top is really cute. Too bad about the bagginess though! Bummer! I have a small chest and I have that problem all. the. time. It is so frustrating! At any rate, I do think it looks nice on you!

  6. @ laura - that's the sort of feel I was going for, but I don't have any brooches. That would have really made it look elegant!

    @ basiccravings - Thanks! They're my fave. :)

  7. WOW that was smart, quick and looks good.
    Now Angeline, have you done your homework for me?
    My office beach trip is coming up soon and i am still clueless.

  8. @ Lorena - Thanks! And yes...look for the post this week!

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