Monday, May 3, 2010

Color as therapy

Ever have one of those days where nothing seems to fit right or look right?  That was today.  I must have tried on at least 6-7 full outfits before I decided to just toss on a dress and go.  I was counting on the bright green and the simple A-line shape to lend me a pick me up, and after I finally figured out what was wrong with my look (my hair was down this morning, but I quickly pony-ed it up when I got to work), I was good to go for a nice, productive start to the week.
Dress: Banana Republic Factory Store - 2009 - $30?; Shoes: Nina (from Ross) - 2009 - $16

The color of this dress is really muted in this photo, but it is really a more vibrant, kelly green.  You would not be able to lose me in a crowd in this dress.  It's a little short for the office, but the bigwigs are on a business trip and I had no meetings with other departments, so I went for it.  It was perfect for an outdoor lunch, too.  The shape is extremely forgiving, as it skims the body--not too clingy but not frumpy, either.

There you have it...after discarding numerous tops, skirts, shells, and jackets, simplicity wins.

What is your simple, throw-on-and-go outfit?


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  2. what a cute outfit, i LOVE color!!

    I think when I feel drab and have a fat day, I end up going with something boring but is still comfortable...which actually I don't think helps lift my mood cuz then I feel drab and boring on top of feeling fat. Hm, go fig.

  3. Thanks, hon! This dress is actually super-comfy...the stiffer fabric actually keeps it standing out from my belly, even when I have my post-lunch food baby. You are so fab, you should let everyone else see it!

  4. I didn't have a throw on and go dress until recently. It's just a sleeveless dress. I really did throw it on and go within 2 minutes when I had to get to a picnic on July 5.,2010big.jpg


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