Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dress Your Best Week: Above the waist

If you haven't popped on over to Academichic lately (and I don't know why you wouldn't have), this week is Dress Your Best Week.  Pick your favorite features/parts, and play them up.  I started today with my below-the-chin but above-the-waist favorites.

Sweater: Macy's - 2007 - gift card; Tank: Costco - 2009 - 2 for $12; Jeans: Old Navy - 2010 - $12; Shoes: Nina (from Ross) - 2009 - $16; Earrings: Target or Walmart (can't remember) - 2009 - cheap

I had to get up early today to drop my car off at the dealership before work (my a/c has been broken since Thanksgiving and we're heading into constant 80-90 degree weather soon), but I still had time to waffle on my outfit before work.  I've really got to get on that outfit planning thing. Maybe next week...

But I digress.  Today's best feature was my neck/collarbone/jaw line area.

Okay, so it's a slightly blurry picture, but I have a long neck and a very defined collarbone/jawline area (slightly obscured in the photo by my on-again-off-again double chin).  The wide cowl-neck collar of this sweater was the perfect choice to play up my neck, as was the up-do.  Covering up all around with pants and long-sleeves also drew the eye to this area.

The concept of Dress Your Best Week is one that I fully support--women tend to dress to hide parts they don't like, but why not play up the parts you do like?  When you're walking around with that much confidence you can pull almost anything off.  There is so much negativity around womens' bodies in society and in the media (I confess I fall into bad habits often as well), but having so many bloggers unite this week to really be positive is awesome, and I'm honored to be participating.

Check out the other Dress Your Best Week participants here and see how they're playing up what they love about their bodies.


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