Monday, October 24, 2011

Wear and wear again | Dobby camp shirt

One of my favorite things to wear for work or for casual days is a crisp button down (or button-up...they're the same thing, right?). But to be honest with you, they can get boring unless they have some cool detail or texture. And this top has both. Score.

Purchased in 2009 off of Target's clearance rack (I think it was $12 or $13), this black dobby camp shirt is a workhorse in my closet, both at work and at home. The three-quarter length sleeves are perfect for nearly every season, and the dots are just such a fun touch. And as with any other collared shirt, a sweater on top creates the perfect preppy look. I've worn it with everything from trousers and jeans to pencil and A-line skirts.

October 2010
September 2010
December 2010
November 2010
November 2010
January 2011

Looking back through these photos, my tendency to wear the death out of an item for a season and forget about it is extremely apparent. Speaking of which, it's almost November...time to bust out the dobby dots again.

Some fun camp shirts from around the web:

What's your favorite variation on the classic button-down/up?


  1. I can see why you wear it often, it goes with anything! I don't have many button downs as I can't seem to get a good fit with them. Usually they have darts in the bust that I can't fill out LOL!

  2. I think that should be the main idea behind our clothes: get the most out of them an make them work !
    Well done.

  3. Have you thought of cost per wear?

  4. I love a good button down shirt because you can wear them so many different ways. I usually by Ann Taylor petite ones.

  5. I am totally the same way with some of the items in my closet.

    How can you resist something that always looks so good AND you feel good in?

  6. @ Lorena - So true! I haven't calculated cost per wear, but I'm guessing it's super low for almost everything in my closet since I try to get really good deals.

    @ Grace - I can't. But sometimes I still forget! Cyclical wear is better than no wear at all, though. :)

  7. Fabulous! I love to wear my button down shirts and combined it with different clothes, creating different styles. Nice post and I like the photos!

  8. @ classycareergirl - They're so versatile, aren't they? I always kick myself for forgetting about my button-downs.


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